If you’re considering a hair transplant, follicular unit extraction also known as the FUE method may help you regenerate a thicker head of hair that seems as natural as possible. At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant clinic, we treat individuals from the New York and New Jersey area who want to combat hair loss.

Our board-certified hair loss surgeon, and our team of superior grafting specialists provide FUE hair transplants to approved patients as well as hair restoration treatments and therapy options. During a FUE treatment, as opposed to the conventional “strip” approach, your surgeon and the elite team of grafting experts surgically harvest and transplant follicular unit grafts, leaving nearly no visible evidence of a hair procedure.

That being said, there are many different benefits of getting a hair transplant in NJ. Continue reading to discover six incredible advantages of FUE hair transplants.

#1 Less Suffering, More Benefit

Unlike prior procedures of hair replacement, FUE results in little discomfort. We use long-acting anesthetics to numb your scalp throughout the treatment, and most of our patients find that over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen/Tylenol, are sufficient the night following your surgery. After 24 hours, almost all patients report no more discomfort. Our team does recommend a small amount of pain medication in the event that Tylenol is insufficient. We always prioritize your comfort during and after the procedure to ensure you’re comfortable and confident during your time with us.

#2 FUE Provides Natural Results

Did you know that fuller, denser hair is a remarkable effect of the FUE method? FUE creates fuller, thicker hair because the precise harvesting technique causes less stress to the hair follicles during the extraction procedure, resulting in healthier hair as the patient recovers. This means less pain during your FUE treatment but more benefits.

#3 Increased Confidence

The loss of hair may have severe and detrimental impacts on one’s confidence. In reality, hair loss may not only affect your self-esteem but also cause anxiety, sadness, and other mental disorders. Hair restoration using FUE may provide a much-needed confidence boost. And since our team is aware of the emotional burden of hair loss, our staff offers assistance before, during, and after treatment.

#4 little To No Scarring

FUT is effective for regrowing hair, but it creates a prominent linear scar, particularly if you have or desire short hair. Due to the fact that the extraction sites during FUE are incredibly small, equivalent to or less than 1mm, any scarring, if any, is invisible. The extraction areas shut and mend on their own in only a few days without leaving any apparent scars.

#5 Clinic-Based Method

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant in New Jersey, our surgeon and our team of grafting specialists perform in-office FUE treatments as well as hair restoration therapies. Because the whole procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic, you may drive yourself to your appointment. In addition, there are no additional fees, dangers, or hassles associated with more invasive procedures, such as FUT.

#6 Faster Recuperation

Hair transplants with FUE are a fantastic approach to regrow hair without having to miss weeks of work. Within one to two days, you may resume the majority of your everyday activities. You will not have to worry about staples or sutures, and the temporary bandage is removed between 24 and 48 hours following the procedure. As your scalp heals and your hair grows, there are certain care and cleaning instructions to follow, but they are neither tedious nor difficult.

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Additional Advantages Of A Hair Implant 

Here are a few of the many advantages of hair transplant surgery on top of the ones we’ve just listed.  

Reduces Baldness 

A hair transplant solves your hair-related problems. You will no longer be concerned about a receding hairline or bald areas. A hair transplant increases the density of hair on balding or thinning areas of the scalp and reshapes a receding hairline. The outcomes of a hair transplant are extremely successful, and baldness is unlikely to return. 

An Appearance Of Natural Hairline 

Hair restoration should be undetectable to everyone except those who are informed. The outcomes of a hair transplant result in a hairline that seems more natural. You may anticipate long-lasting effects and a luxurious, healthy head of hair to flaunt. 

Boosts Your Self-Esteem And Physical Appearance

People who lose their hair at a younger age are often more self-conscious about their appearance. You may have a feeling of loss, lack of confidence, and a decline in self-esteem due to hair loss. People are often emotionally tied to their hair due to the fact that our sense of style and self-image are so dependent on the look of our hair. The emotional and physical effects of hair loss may impair our careers and personal lives. However, hair transplant surgery may restore your confidence and allow you to feel like yourself again. You will have a lovely, fresh head of hair that will improve both your appearance and your mood. 

Anxiety Reduction 

Hair loss and thinning may create a great deal of worry, particularly in social settings. When your receding hairline seems to be the only thing others notice about you, hair transplantation may help. When you are more secure in your looks, you are more comfortable expressing your best self and less preoccupied with maintaining your appearance around-the-clock. 

Hair Care Requiring Minimal Upkey 

After receiving a hair transplant, the aftercare required is quite manageable in the first few days after the procedure. There is no need to purchase or use specific shampoos or chemicals to preserve the thickness of transplanted hair, since it is equivalent to naturally produced hair. 

You can apply any medication or post-transplant hair cream or spray prescribed by your doctor, and then wait until your doctor instructs you to shampoo your hair. Once authorization is granted, purchase a mild shampoo to wash the region surrounding your hair follicles, then wipe your scalp dry with a soft towel after rinsing. That’s how easy it is to maintain. 

Cost-Effective Option

Although you may believe hair transplant surgery is pricey, it is really cost-effective in the long term. If you evaluate the expenses of other therapies, you’ll quickly see that while the expenditures are initially low, they quickly pile up. Over time, temporary hair treatments will become more expensive than a single hair transplant. Consider hair transplant surgery if you want a long-term, cost-effective, and more permanent solution to your hair loss.

Frequent Questions Regarding Hair Transplants

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant in NJ we get a lot of different types of questions about hair transplant procedures and how they can help. Here are some of the answers to the most frequent questions we get.  

Why Do Males Have Hair Loss? 

The most common kind of male hair loss is male pattern baldness, which is caused by the negative effects of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a breakdown product of Testosterone. DHT is a naturally occurring hormone found in all males. Some men have DHT-sensitive hair follicles on the top of their scalp. Men who do so will experience hair loss at some time in their lives. This hair loss may start early in childhood or later in life. Men may have hair loss as a result of a number of medical issues as well. For this reason, getting assessed and treated as soon as you’ve noticed the hair loss will allow our team to help prevent it from getting worse. 

Can Women Experience Hair Loss? 

Yes, many women have hair loss. Women may have hair loss due to the same medical conditions that affect males. However, it is a widespread thinning of the whole scalp as opposed to simply the crown. Women who wear their hair in braids, cornrows, or ponytails may have hair loss due to the frequent tension and tugging of the hair on the scalp. They may also have hair loss issues as a result of prolonged usage of harsh hair products. 

Do Females Get Hair Transplants? 

As with males, women may undergo a hair transplant, but it must be carefully planned since widespread hair loss makes it difficult, if not impossible, to strengthen the whole scalp. A treatment regimen may be devised to target the areas of most concern and produce healthy, natural hair that will improve her appearance with careful preparation. 

What Are The Various Hair Transplant Procedures? 

There are several techniques for hair transplantation. They all involve plucking non-DHT-sensitive hair follicles from the donor location and transplanting them to the balding regions. When these follicles are transferred to the top of the scalp, they stay resistant to the effects of DHT and continue to produce permanent hair. 

The most used approach is known as the Strip Method. In this technique, a “strip” of tissue is removed from the back of the scalp, and the follicles are split into groups of single-hair and multiple-hair follicles, which are subsequently transplanted into the balding portions of the scalp. The operation is performed under local anesthetic and oral sedation. After transplantation, the donor region is sutured shut and is totally concealed by the hair that grows over it. 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is another technique of hair transplantation in which individual follicles are extracted using a manual punch or a machine intended to extract follicles using a device-like punch. For this treatment, the donor follicles must be collected from the rear of the scalp, which must be shaved. New on the technological horizon is a robotic computer-driven device that entirely extracts donor follicles using robotic punches controlled by a computer and supervised by a surgeon.

Learn More About The Benefits Of A Hair Transplant In NJ

When nothing else seems to work, hair transplant procedures and treatments might be extremely helpful in regaining that full head of hair that you’ve been missing. We encourage you to visit with our board-certified hair loss surgeon, an expert in hair transplants, to discuss your best alternatives for hair restoration. Call our clinic directly or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with us today.

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