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Baldness Cures of the Past

The term ‘hair transplant surgery’ may bring to mind images of the results achieved from this procedure back in the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately, due to the long strip of scalp which was removed as a standard part of the traditional FUT or FUSS transplant procedure, at least one, long linear scar was inevitable after a hair transplant and often, additional, visible hair plugs and related scars on the top and frontal scalp were an unavoidable side effect of this method.


Scar less Hair Transplant Surgery

You’ve decided that a hair transplant procedure to effectively restore and rejuvenate the look of your hair just might be the best hair loss treatment for you. But, like many people, the idea of surgery and possible scarring related to it causes you to pause and question whether scars are worth it. It’s no wonder that men and women in Miami are seeking a scar less hair transplant option, because nobody wants to look like they’ve had an obvious medical procedure or surgery when they choose hair implants.


What is FUT?

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation which utilizes a long, thin piece of scalp tissue from a donor area at the back and side of a patient’s head.

This area typically retains hairs even when a man has lost considerable hair due to male pattern baldness. This genetic predisposition to hair loss causes hairs on the crown and hairline to fall out, leaving the signature, “horseshoe” shape of hair at the back and sides. These remaining hairs are more resistant to DHT – the hormone related culprit for androgenic alopecia. DHT resistant hair may thin in these areas but most men experiencing hereditary balding will still have plenty of hairs in these areas to provide grafts for a successful hair transplant. The strip of scalp used to supply hair implants is then dissected with stereo-microscopic technology, creating small follicular units with a few hairs at a time for implantation.

After the donor scalp has been excised, the wound is stitched shut and covered with a dressing. The incision will require careful handling to protect from infection while healing and certain activity restrictions such as head movements have to be limited at first, avoiding unnecessary tension on the incision. One problem that arises from applying tension to a healing incision or fresh scar is that the scar can widen, and the color or texture of a significant scar may be unpredictable. It is advisable to protect maturing scars from sunlight throughout the first year as they can react by creating more pigment and cause unwanted darkening. This is a particularly difficult guideline for patients to follow post-hair transplant surgery.

Those who opt for the strip graft FUT method of hair transplant will not be able to hide their scar with short or buzzed hair styles, and sometimes the scar will require a revision surgery if it widens or darkens visibly on the scalp. The hair plugs created for larger grafts run the risk of creating an unnatural dot or planted row appearance because groups of hairs are transplanted together. This is one reason why, no matter the method of hair transplant you choose, a skilled, experienced hair transplant surgeon with an artistic eye and realistic hair restoration approach is absolutely mandatory to create hairlines and hair growth patterns that mimic real, natural hair growth.

The Strip method is becoming less and less commonly used today. New breakthroughs in the medical aesthetic world have led to improved results, rapid recovery and avoidance of the stigma that obvious hair transplant scars can create. The FUT method has persisted due to the idea that it can yield the highest number of hair grafts per surgery, however, today’s advanced hair transplant devices have rapidly progressed to yield high numbers of meticulously extracted, high quality grafts in micro-fine 1-2 hair units. This new option for time saved, fast recovery and avoidance of obvious scars is a very attractive option for many busy men and women.

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How can you avoid the strip hair transplant scars?

If you have heard of “scar less” hair transplant procedures and wondered whether this is a real option, the answer is yes, and technically no.

The procedure being referred to in these cases are certain advanced methods of FUE hair transplant which have revolutionized the look of hair transplants and changed the game for scars.
Nearly invisible scars are a huge improvement over results of the past and when most people who don’t have a medically trained eye can’t see a scar, it is often considered to be invisible for all intents and purposes.

So, what is this exciting new “scar less” technology that offers the permanent, natural hair restoration results of a surgical hair transplant, without the negative drawback of a long, visible and permanent scar?

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE, otherwise known as follicular unit extraction, involves removing tiny cylinders of scalp- less than 1 mm thick in most cases- with a precision, robotic device. The hair follicle units are then prepared for strategic implantation in areas requiring hair density, typically at the hairline and top of head.

Various brand names have come along which utilize this technology and feature various changes to speed, delicate handling of grafts, pneumonic suction for graft removal and technology for counting and dividing Grafts.

By far the most advanced hair restoration FUE device created yet, is the new NeoGraft solutions.

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As the latest and simplest hair loss solution in New Jersey, this minimally invasive hair transplant device was invented by an industry leading team of scientists in the medical field, engineers and physicians. These hair transplant experts knew that one of the top concerns balding men and women have is scarring related to hair transplant surgery. The amount of time required for recovery and hair transplant costs, follow closely as important considerations.

NeoGraft is the least traumatic and invasive method yet for hair replacement. This means that the fear of surgical scars and lengthy healing times are no longer a worry thanks to this improved technology. The reason this advanced method is considered to be scar less by many, is that the actual scars created through hair implant removal are so incredibly small, they are hard to see. At less than 1 mm, the tiny micro-surgery sites are randomly chosen through the specialized NeoGraft methods and easily blended in with typical spaces between hairs on the scalp. Under a magnifying glass, tiny round white dots could be detected between hairs, if one looked closely enough.

Likewise, the incisions made to re-implant the hairs at donor sites are classified as micro-slits. These are small, somewhat shallow openings created to insert the hairs at their desired angles and density for realistic hair growth creation. Within a few short days, these tiny openings have completely closed. A small scab sometimes forms and falls off naturally a few days later, leaving virtually invisible graft sites.

FUE technology uses your own, growing hair to produce the most natural results you can get from a hair transplant today.

By far the most advanced hair restoration FUE device created yet, is the new NeoGraft solutions.

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Dr. Michael Gartner - Rated #1 Cosmetic Surgeon in New Jersey

For hair restoration in NJ, Dr. Michael Gartner is a leading choice for excellence. Dr. Gartner is set apart as a double board certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon. While hair transplants may be offered through less qualified technicians, the high standard of a celebrity hair transplant comes from decades of detailed surgical experience and advanced education. Dr. Gartner is renowned among colleagues and clients worldwide as an innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He prides himself on being closely involved with all aspects of the patient’s journey, from in-depth, private consultation and strategic planning, to personalized treatment and consistent post-procedure care. His patients can anticipate a pleasant experience with a shorter period of time spent recuperating as a result of his approach to surgery, which is always modified to be as non-invasive as is practically feasible. The most advanced methods for hair restoration in New Jersey combine traditional, hands-on surgical care with the most cutting-edge robotic and digital technology available in the medical aesthetics sector. Patients of Dr. Gartner reap the benefits of his flexible methods, which are adapted to meet the specific requirements of each individual patient. Through the use of meticulous micrografts and artistic placement, it is possible to generate hair that does not appear to have been transplanted but rather completely natural.

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Benefits of FUE vs Strip Graft methods

  • The most natural-looking results available: Compared with other non-surgical hair restoration solutions and with the FUT strip graft method, NeoGraft by far outshines other options in its ability to select and transfer micro-fine and single hair units for the most natural and realistic hair replacement. Your skilled hair transplant surgeon can recreate the realistic pattern and density that healthy, full hair has, and mimic the angle and hair growth patterns that are normally seen, matching seamlessly with your old hair.
  • Minimal scarring: Unlike previous available technology, a full head of natural-looking hair no longer requires a large strip of scalp to be taken from the back of a patient’s head and stitched up. Patients can wear their hair short after an FUE hair transplant with no fear that visible scarring and tell-tale donor lines will give them away. You could even shave your head, and no one will see the donor hair graft sites or a linear scar.
  • A single, in-office procedure: The advances of NeoGraft’s® unique approach mean that it is now faster and easier than even other, comparable FUE devices. Within roughly 5-6 hours a patient can have their entire procedure done, comfortably in the office. You may relax, watch TV or listen to music during this relaxing, micro-surgery.
  • Rapid Recovery: This is ‘express’ hair transplant surgery, which not only takes less time than ever to perform but has patients returning to most regular activities within a few days. Because the graft sites are so incredibly small, they heal remarkably fast and cause only minimal swelling and sensitivity for a few days post-procedure.
  • Minimal discomfort: A local, injected anesthetic is administered to numb the scalp and topical numbing agents can be used as well, so the minimally invasive procedure is made quite comfortable and painless.
  • High “take rate”: The NeoGraft advanced hair transplant solution preserves viable hair grafts better than ever before. Reducing trauma, damage to follicles and keeping the grafts hydrated and healthy during the procedure ensures that more of them take and thrive where they are placed. The overall procedure time has also been significantly reduced which means less time for healthy, live hair implants to wait before re-implantation. Youthful-looking, densely packed hair follicles are possible with one procedure and can completely transform your appearance- permanently.
  • Camouflage previous strip grafting: Yes – you can even have FUE hair transplantation done to cover up an obvious scar left behind by previous hair restoration attempts through the old, strip graft methods. If your scar has widened, if it is visible and preventing you from wearing your hair short, or if previous hair plugs were done in an unnatural way, FUE is the ideal procedure to insert micro-transplanted hairs between existing follicles or directly into the scar you wish to hide.

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When a hair transplant patient wants to get their confidence back, restore a healthy head of hair and avoid visible scarring no matter what, NeoGraft is a welcome solution. If rapid recovery is your ideal – so that you can get back to an active life – you want the latest, most advanced FUE hair transplant system.

Talk to our hair growth and replacement specialists about the latest advancements in this exciting field. Hair transplant surgery can now be virtually scar less, offering you incredible, fast and permanent results, but no one will know why you look and feel so great, except for you!

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