New Jersey Hair Transplant—Are You A Good Candidate for Surgery?

If you’re like most patients today, you’re an avid researcher of your procedure and seeking answers to many questions about it before diving in.

In New Jersey, hair transplant surgery is more popular than ever, but this advanced technology still requires significant financial investment and is a big decision for most people. Here, we’ll outline three of the most common questions and provide answers to help put you at ease, keep you informed and make your decision a little clearer.

The fact that this method delivers permanent results and real, growing hair to places on your head where it wasn’t before, keep it at the top of the list of effective and transformative investments in one’s appearance. After trying some disappointing non-surgical options, people start to wonder if a hair transplant makes the most sense for them. Not everyone will get the most from this technique, however.

We recommend that you see a hair transplant specialist in person for a thorough assessment. Only an experienced professional will be able to analyze your pattern of hair loss, factor in your health, age and various elements to strategize an optimal approach. If you have a temporary form of hair loss, this must be determined and addressed. As well, your donor supply of follicles is integral for ideal outcomes.

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Do You Need FUT or FUE?

Most hair transplant clinics perform the two, common approaches. The classic, FUT is also referred to as the strip method. It’s still most suitable for many clients today who wish to transfer a high volume of grafts at once, or who have sparse donor hair areas. The downside is a long scar left at the back of the head due to a strip of scalp excised to create grafts.

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. A number of devices and brands use this punch-tool technology to remove individual grafts from a donor area, rather than dissect a strip. Tiny, circular incisions around each hair or small group of follicles are punched out one-by-one. They typically measure less than 1mm,so they are easily hidden and close quickly after surgery. In the long run, harvest sites that are well-dispersed in the donor area will not be visible, even if the hair is worn very short. Known as the “scarless” approach, FUE is suitable for many types of patients but does carry a slightly higher price tag.

Are There Non-Surgical Options for Me?

For those who are too young or otherwise not ready to choose surgical hair transplant in New Jersey, platelet-rich plasma has completely changed the game. In the past, medications and wigs were the next best thing to a permanent procedure, but thankfully PRP has now brought a promising and natural option to the forefront. While it will not produce the dramatic results that surgery can, simply because it doesn’t place growing follicles in bald spots, the effective serum has been shown to trigger hair growth in previously dormant areas,thickening and accelerating existing hair growth.

The product is made from a patient’s blood plasma, quickly and painlessly drawn in-office and prepared for treatment. A serious of shallow, micro-injections apply the plasma to the follicles where it stimulates increased circulation and cell growth. Your platelets naturally carry powerful growth factors, cytokines and proteins. With a concentration of more than 5xs the natural strength, PRP accelerates the natural healing and growth-stimulating power of your blood. Non-surgical, minimally invasive and virtually risk-free, this treatment is popular with people of all ages who experience hair loss,andit’s also a great addition to existing hair surgery plans. To learn more about hair transplants and useful tools against hair loss, we welcome you to call Nova Medical Hair Transplant today.

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