8 most essential questions you’ll want answered on the big day

1. NJ FUE- am I a good candidate?

You’ll be assessed for eligibility depending on a few factors. Your age, any pre-existing health conditions, and the degree of hair loss you have. Your type of hair loss matters as well. Many people are aware that they have what’s known as male pattern baldness. This progressive and hereditary type of balding is the number 1 reason people seek hair transplants. There are some other, temporary and medically related reasons for hair loss. Some of these can be treated and reversed once the underlying cause is understood, so your surgeon will need to ask questions, and they may recommend alternative therapies as well.

2. What experience and qualifications does your surgeon have?

With the advent of follicular unit extraction machines that use advanced, robotic technology, some practitioners who don’t have certification and in-depth procedure knowledge may attempt to offer services at a low cost. Your hair transplant surgeon should be board certified and have the experience to make you feel comfortable in their hands.

3. How can you best prepare for your procedure?

If you take known blood thinners or NSAID medications like Aspirin and Advil, you’ll be asked to discontinue these for a week or two before treatment. As well, certain herbal formulas like ginseng, gingko biloba, garlic, omegas and St John’s wort- all have a tendency to cause unnecessary bleeding and bruising. The day before, don’t drink alcohol or apply any products to your hair. Your surgeon will let you know what to avoid and tips to stay comfortable after.

4. How long can I expect the recovery to last?

Recovery time for FUE in NJ is generally about 5-7 days, through some sensitivity or pink spots may persist for another week or two after. The initial healing and scabbing of incision sites are usually resolved around day 5-7. You’ll need to avoid washing the scalp for a couple of days. Your surgeon will let you know when you can return to the gym and all other activities.

5. Can I see patient photos?

Though some surgeons don’t display patient photos on websites for privacy reasons, they should have examples of before and after hair transplants for you to view at your consultation.
Pay attention to patient reviews as well. Sometimes it’s possible to speak with a past patient, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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6. Should I have FUE or FUT?

The strip method of hair transplant requires a piece of scalp to be excised and then dissected into grafts. This can yield a high number of grafts; however, it does create a long scar at the back of the head which makes this less preferable for many people. Depending on your goals, the amount of existing hair that you have and your preference, your surgeon will make a recommendation.

7. Will I need more than one hair transplant?

It’s important to know that hair transplants are permanent, and they don’t wear out. That’s to say that the hair implanted in recipient areas is taken from DHT resistant zones and it will stay where it’s planted. The native hairs surrounding grafts may continue to fall out. Because hair loss is a progressive problem, it’s difficult to predict how quickly or how much your hair will continue to change. For that reason, your surgeon may advise that additional maintenance transplants down the road could be desired.

8. How much will the procedure cost?

You’ll be given a surgical quote that includes all your fees including pre and post-op appointments. Be sure to ask questions clarifying the price and if you prefer, inquire about medical financing plans that can make payments more convenient.

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