What Can You Expect After Your FUE in NJ?

Men and women who want to restore a full head of hair permanently, often choose FUE in NJ.

It stands for follicular unit extraction, and it’s the leading hair transplant method for a few reasons. The recovery is faster than ever, and the resultant scars- nearly invisible. Though it’s an efficient, natural-looking way to restore hair, the recovery process is important.

Minimally invasive surgical procedures require simple post-op care and a little time off, but it’s easy to be confused or overwhelmed with questions. If you find yourself wondering about your workout schedule, healing, or how to care for your hair grafts, you’re not alone. Here we’ll list plastic surgeon-approved answers to some of the most common questions.

You’ll be provided with a personalized program for care and healthy recovery by your surgeon. Most patients have a short course of antibiotics to take which reduces the already low risk of infection. To further protect your scalp while healing, you’ll be advised to stay away from pools and hot tubs until healed around day 7. For the first two days, you’ll not be allowed to wash your hair. We’ll show you how to rinse your scalp and apply soothing lotions if required. You’ll likely experience a little swelling in the first 5 days which sometimes spreads to the forehead. For this reason, most people prefer to take a minimum of 1 week off work.

When Can You Resume Your Regular Workouts?

Plenty of our NJ FUE clients are in great shape and maintaining fitness is a daily necessity. We appreciate the importance of workouts, but you will need to take just a little time off after your transplant. Increasing heart rate and blood pressure while your scalp is actively healing can cause swelling, bruising or bleeding. Most gyms will let you freeze a membership,and we suggest 2-3 weeks.

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Can You Book A Vacation And FUE At The Same Time?

Yes and no. It depends very much on how you plan to enjoy your time off. Even a minimally invasive surgical procedure can stress your system and time off to rest helpful. You’ll need to avoid sun exposure on your head for a few weeks,and you can’t swim, work out. We advise wearing a soft hat when you go out to cover the treatment area. All of this makes only very low-key vacations practical. You can fly or travel if you like, just protect your head.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To See My Full Results?

Sometimes people refer to ‘results’ as those very first, thin hairs that will sprout a month or two after your FUE. The new hair growth will be revealed on a timeline,and you do need to pack a little patience. Here’s what you can expect: You’ll start to notice new hair growing around two months post,and it will be wispy; possibly patchy. By roughly 6-9 months you’ll see thicker, fuller hair. You can get excited at that point as your appearance will noticeably change,and hair will be easier to style naturally. 12 months is when we consider it to be fully grownin. You may still see further density improvements after that point. Once your hair is growing well, you can cut, style and enjoy.

If you have further questions, we welcome you to contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic. You can arrange your own private consultation for a professional assessment and learn about your best options for hair restoration. We look forward to planning with you!

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