Are Results from an FUE in NJ Permanent?

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Are Hair Transplants, (FUE) In NJ Permanent?

Today’s hair transplant results are not what they used to be—they’re far better!

In NJ, FUE can offer you natural, realistic-looking results. The more this technology improves, the more people begin to take a closer look at their options for hair restoration, which leads them to ask: is the procedure permanent? Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a leading method for hair restoration,and the longevity of results is a primary reason.

Let’s take a closer look at surgical hair restoration. There are two standard methods for transplant used today- FUT and FUE. More men and women are choosing FUE because it doesn’t require a strip of the scalp to be excised and dissected for graft creation. In the past, that was the most prevalentmethodand would yield high numbers of hair follicle grafts. The downside is that a long scar is left at the back of the head where the strip is removedfrom.

Instead, follicular unit extraction utilizes a small punch tool to remove one graft at a time with tiny tissue and hair plugs. The incisions are so small; they don’t need to be stitched or even bandaged. Once healed, the donor site at the back of the head should have barely
perceptible dots blended well into the remaining hair, so the extraction sites aren’t visible. The method is referred to as scar less for this reason. When performed by an expert, you can have natural results that don’t leave signs of surgery for all to see.

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FUE in NJ Is Less Invasive And Long-Lasting

The permanence of your result will rely somewhat on your own hair qualities,but there are a few factors that make it long-lasting. Your doctor will harvest hair from an area of your scalp wherehair is fuller, at the back and sides. The hair that grows here on men is typically most resistant to DHT. That’s the hormone linked to balding.Where follicles are robust, they’ll be more naturally immune. That means when those hairs are transplanted elsewhere; they bring those properties with them.

The grafts placed at the top of the head will stay and grow just as they would have if remaining at the back. However, over time, the natural life cycle of a hair means some will eventually fall out. Though you can expect to enjoy your restored hair for decades,if someone has a transplant reasonably young, we’ll suggest a maintenance treatment after 10-15 years.

Important To Note:

Keep in mind that shortly after your procedure, you may experience something known as ‘shock loss.’It’s normal for the transplanted hairs to shed a few weeks after the procedure,but this doesn’t represent a failure of the grafts. Instead, the follicles take root and establish themselves while healing, but the hairs transferred with them fall out to make way for new ones. You’ll begin to see your real, permanent hair growth between 3-6 months.

If you have questions about hair transplants, we have answers, and we’ll be pleased to discuss them with you. Contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant to learn more today.

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