Can I Use My Hair Fibres After A FUE in New Jersey?

Disguising Thinning And Balding Areas

FUE in New Jersey

Are you familiar with the instant thickening and camouflaging product called Hair Fibres?

Many people use this topical product sold at high-end salons and hair clinics to disguise thinning and balding areas. Often, when a client schedules FUE in New Jersey, they’ve used thickeners and hair pieces for years. If not, a hair transplant clinic may suggest one to help cover the initial appearance of a post-transplant scalp. There can be negative consequences to applying anything too soon after a hair transplant, however. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer a word of caution to those who are eager thicken up their fresh transplant results; you’ll need to wait if you want to ensure safety and success.

Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair transplant system that removes healthy, individual grafts from the sides and back of the head to transplant them where needed. Because of its rapid recovery, minimal scalp trauma and no long scar, it has fast become the procedure of choice for many who wish to combat balding. Even though this minimally invasive procedure sees patients returning to regular activities quickly, the graft recipient sites will remain fragile and prone to damage or infection for a couple of weeks. Patients are permitted to return to work and do many things within a few days,but touching, combing, rubbing or washing the scalp are not among them.

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After The First Two Weeks

It can be tempting to apply scalp makeup or other topical treatments, especially if you’re accustomed to using those, but you’ll need an alternative for the first little while until your surgeon clears you. For many, this means wearing a soft hat if they feel the need to hide the scalp. Pro Tip: We recommend cutting the hair quite short to eliminate differentiation between short and long areas, as well as to blend away the donor site which will likely be buzzed short. A new haircut anda couple weeks of patience are all you need. You’ve invested significant money and time on your hair restoration, so we know that you’ll want to ensure those valuable little grafts have the best chance of survival. In the hands of a qualified professional, healthy patients can expect an over 90% take rate for FUE in New Jersey. Provided that you do not press on the area while healing or otherwise damage transplants, they will quickly establish a blood supply and begin to grow new hairs. Exposing the scalp to swimming pools, hot tubs or baths is also off limits for the first two weeks due to infection risk. Applying anything to the headthat may cause infection or need to be washed off, isn’t safe before that initial time passes.

You’ve made it through the hard part! You’re all healed and ready for the next phase which will see hair growing in over 3-9 months. During this period, Hair Fibres and other styling products are usually considered to be safe. Ask your hair transplant surgeon what products and brands they recommend for a high-end look. Not all topical fibre products are created equally, after all. While watching the slow but steady progress of healthy new hair grow in, you can take advantage of a number of helpful tools from PRP scalp treatments to hair thickening products. If you need expert advice, we welcome you to call Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic where our hair specialists have the latest knowledge and expertise to help you get excellent results.

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