FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Facts

Basics Of the Procedure

Procedure Basics

Hair loss is a very common and devastating problem for both men and women.

Once you begin to notice thinning of your hair, you may lose self-esteem because your appearance is no longer reflective of the youth, success and confidence you feel. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant clinic, more and more satisfied clients benefit from a NJ FUE hair transplant surgery each day. Since this medical advancement revolutionized the hair transplant industry, FUE has quickly become the most popular way to permanently restore hair. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) utilizes a specialized, precision device to remove follicular units from a donor site and implant them into the affected area of the scalp. It is a simple and pain-free solution that can help you restore your hair, style and confidence.

Conduct Your Research

Before committing to a hair transplant, it is important to conduct your research, learn the basics of the procedure and determine the difference between myths and facts.

As mentioned, FUE or follicular unit extraction is the removal of healthy hair follicles from the scalp and then the transference of them individually into balding areas. We recommend this method of hair transplant because although its basic principle is essentially the same as older transplant procedures, FUE gives more natural-looking results. This procedure is also less painful and require minimal recovery time.

A typical NJ FUE hair transplant will require approximately eight hours to complete. After a week or two, the results will begin to become visible. By the 10-month timepoint, you will have strong, thick hair that is naturally growing in the areas that were once thinning.

An older technique that was once widely used is the follicular unit transplantation (FUT). This method removes a strip of the scalp that contains hair follicles and process it into smaller units before implantation. A common myth regarding this technique for hair transplantation is that FUT is a better technique to use. The fact is that both FUT and FUE are patient-specific. This means that depending on your body, your conditions and your desired results, the best technique to use for your NJ hair transplant will be different from another patient’s. Sometimes, there an even be a combination of the two extraction methods.

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Other popular myths that you may come across are

  • Myth:Hair transplants with larger grafts will produce more density
    • Fact:The density of your hair does not depend on size but rather the number of follicular grafts implanted
  • Myth:Hair transplants can affect your brain
    • Fact:FUE hair transplants only interact with the superficial layer of skin on your scalp. The surgery does not allow for any contact with the brain
  • Myth:You cannot wash your hair after surgery
    • Fact:It may sound surprising, but we highly recommend our patients to shower and shampoo their hair regularly to avoid infection
  • Myth:Hair transplantation surgery is only for men
    • Fact:Both men and women experience hair loss, therefore, a NJ FUE hair transplant does not discriminate and is a treatment option for all
  • Myth:Anyone can get a hair transplant
    • Fact:The majority of people with hair loss problems can be candidates for a hair transplant surgery as long as they are in good health and have an abundance of hair for the procedure

If you are interested in a NJ FUE hair transplant and would like to learn more about the procedure, please come into our clinic for a private discussion. We can chat about your goals and how we can help you achieve it successfully.

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