FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Popularity

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in NJ is Increasing in Popularity

Androgenic Alopecia

In US alone 30 million individuals suffering from a form of androgenic alopecia.

Many people suffer from the frustration of hair loss in various stages of life. Some begin to see thinning of hair in their twenties while others do not witness balding until senior years. Genetics and hormonal balance are a very common cause for hair loss in both men and women, and is known as androgenic alopecia. In the United States alone, statistic surveys show that there are over 30 million individuals suffering from a form of androgenic alopecia – otherwise known as male pattern baldness. With such an alarmingly high number of people afflicted, the popularity of hair transplant surgeries such as the NJ FUE hair transplant surgery has been steadily increasing daily.

Revolutionary hair transplant procedure

Ever since its introduction as a revolutionary hair transplant procedure performed by highly-skilled plastic surgeons, the number of patients living with traumatic hair loss and diminished self-esteem has been significantly lowered as NJ FUE hair transplant surgeries are become a safe, successful and efficient method for restoring hair growth to the balding scalp.

The majority of patients who choose to undergo a hair transplant to resolve their hair loss problems have reported a positive experience and satisfaction with the overall outcomes of the procedure. During this minimally-invasive surgery, these patients remained in a comfortable setting with nominal pain for hours. Their patience was worth-while once new hair growth begins two-months post-surgery and the final outcome is visible at roughly ten-months.

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FUE & FUT Techniques

An FUE hair transplant surgery is a procedure that involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from a healthy donor region of the scalp and the implantation of these extracted follicles to a recipient site that has a low hair count. With the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, the hair follicles are excised with precision using an automated expert device. In contrast, some hair transplant surgeries give the option of follicular unit transplantation (FUT). FUT is also known as strip surgery, and it involves the removal of a strip of tissue with hair follicles from the back and sides of the scalp. The strip is then processed into smaller units before it is implanted into the affected, balding region. Depending on your needs and goals, you and your plastic surgeon will decide on the best technique to use with your hair transplant that will guarantee the highest success rate of hair growth.

The FUE hair transplant surgery is not only limited to the scalp. The increase of the surgery’s popularity can also be attributed to its success in restoring hair to other parts of the body such as the mustache, beard, chest, and eyebrows. This state-of-the-art transplant surgery can also be coupled with non-surgical hair-loss treatments for a more comprehensive solution.

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