FUE in New Jersey : Is It Worth Going Abroad?

Modern Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Beyond The Procedure Price

It’s easy to understand why the price is among the top concerns when people consider FUE in New Jersey.

Modern cosmetic surgery procedures can achieve incredible results, but they carry a high cost. Like many elective surgical procedures, a hair transplant can be expensive. Along with the growing follicular unit extraction trend, cosmetic tourism has also seen a boost, with people flying out to cheap hair transplant destinations such as Turkey, Dominican Republic, India, Costa Rica, Thailand or Mexico. While comparing prices seems like a great place to start with most large purchases, when it comes to health, safety and quality results, you’ll usually get what you payfor. There are a few critical reasons to reconsider if you plan to travel overseas for your procedure.

In New Jersey, FUE may range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands depending on the degree of coverage an individual desires. Treatments range from subtle hairline restorationand beard transplants, to large diffuse areas covering the entire scalp. Typically, seeking an operation close to home means comparing pricing between similar clinics. However, the amount quoted to you here is the whole price. It will cover your initial visit, your session, and follow up care. Conversely, when considering FUE abroad, many additional costs must be factored in.

  • Travel- the price of your flights and other transit adds up
  • Accommodations- your hotel stay and meals while travelling should be calculated
  • A contingency plan for any additional unplanned charges should be in place before you leave because medical systems and legalities differ in other countries, so you may find you’re billed for medication, recovery care or tech fees you hadn’t budgeted.

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What Is Safety Worth To You?

Unfortunately, health and safety standards can be diverse and unpredictable between different countries. The credentials of medical staff also vary, and assuming that a surgeon has the medical knowledge, experience or standards to run a safe operating room may not be accurate in different regions. Often, you don’t have the opportunity to view facilities before reaching them, your procedure paid in full. In pictures,surgical centres appear to be clean, bright and state of the art, yet you may arrive to find you’re sharing a communal “treatment room,” your surgery performed on a folding cot by atech, alongside 20 other men. The safety standards and rate of infection or complications are not monitored and measured reliably in all hair transplant destinations. The cost of ultimately seeking revision or emergency medical help could be exorbitant.

Your Whole Treatment Experience Matters, Before During And After Your Procedure

At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Centre, we’re here from start to finish because excellent service and results require a qualified, knowledgeable surgeon working closely with you,not just during surgery, but in the weeks and months after. Ideally, you should be seen and assessed the day after your procedure and throughout the next week or two. Over time, your surgeon will also want to check on scalp health and growth patterns to ensure your hair is coming in as planned.

When people travel a long way for surgery, they aren’t usually in a position to go back on a regular basis. That means they settle for infrequent phone or email communication, if any. It also means that if they have concerns, or aren’t happy with their results, they’ll end up paying a local surgeon to treat them and fix their procedure. Excellent research and money well-spent on high-quality expertise is a sound investment and one that we highly recommend when it comes to your FUE in New Jersey.

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