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What Does FUE in NJ Involve?

In 2018, several hair transplant experts in the US agreed to change an aspect of terminology related to hair transplants. It doesn’t affect the abbreviation, FUE, but the International Society of Hair Restoration Specialists (ISHRS), decided that extraction should be changed to excision. Why does this matter, and what does it mean for your FUE in NJ?

It’s essential to understand what this popular procedure involves, and then you can appreciate how a small change might make it safer for patients.

Tiny, circumferential incisions are made in the scalp skin before extracting tiny pieces of hair and follicles. These are known as hair grafts. They are transferred to the recipient areas of the scalp and inserted, or, implanted.

These same grafts were once created after excising a large piece of the scalp during a more invasive surgery called follicular unit transplant, ( FUT ). That traditional technique is still used today, but follicular unit extraction has taken the hair transplant industry by storm. Perhaps its most significant selling points are the lack of a long scar and much more rapid healing time. When scalp incisions are just tiny, they heal fast, with fewer complications.

The potential issue with terminology varying from extraction to excision is that the hair transplant surgeons feel extraction could seem non-surgical. The word is often used to describe plucking or removing something without cutting the skin. Its use can assist less scrupulous practitioners with promoting the procedure as non-surgical or scarless- which it is not.

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Is FUE in NJ Less Invasive Than The Strip Method?

Yes, modern FUE removes tiny, carefully controlled punches of skin rather than a long, deep incision requiring stitches. Even the older FUE methods excised rather large hair plugs and did require suturing. In this respect, today’s micro-punches often measure less than 1 mm in diameter and will close on their own, without leaving noticeable scars. The procedure, in the hands of an expert, causes less pain, swelling and recovery time.

Accurate Descriptions Are Important

While FUE has come a long way in recent years, ethical surgeons know that patients should not be given the impression they are merely pulling out hairs without the risks inherent to invasive procedures.

Licensed hair transplant physicians do not diminish the fact that there are risks and safety considerations with every procedure, including the rapid recovery FUE techniques. In the care of an experienced and knowledgeable professional, dangers are greatly minimized, and excellent results can be expected. Patients are given a few simple instructions to follow for safe healing at home, and adherence to those post-op protocols will be essential.

Realistic Expectations Lead to Optimal Results

If you want to transform your look with an FUE procedure, choose the method that suits your needs, goals and expectation. No matter which route you go, any hair transplant surgery will require that you take time off to heal and experience a few restrictions along the way. Protecting the fresh incisions from infection or other harm will ensure that your investment lasts. We recommend you visit a board-certified hair transplant surgeon who’ll give you a clear and honest picture of all the considerations, not just the many benefits. Please contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic and get your personalized treatment plan.

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