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The frontal hairline is the first place most men notice hair loss. While those temporal peaks retreat further and further, the forehead seems to expand as well. Male pattern baldness got its nickname from the predictable pattern the genetic condition follows. New York FUE procedures are often sought to create more youthful hairlines for men of all ages. Is your hair receding? We can help.

FUE in New York: how does it work?

The methods for permanently grafting hair follicles have advanced considerably in recent years. This method has made hair transplantation faster, less invasive and nearly scarless. Short for follicular unit extraction, FUE allows the hair transplant surgeon to extract individual grafts one by one from the donor site at the back of the head. They are then implanted to the balding areas. The spaces left through extraction are so tiny that they heal into pale dots and hide well in the remaining hair. Individual strands can be placed at the hairline in the correct density and direction to mimic natural hairlines. Gone are the days of visible hair plug rows. The trick to a realistic hairline is using small, single follicle graft sizes and artistic placement of each one.

How long does FUE treatment take?

The procedure to replace a significant number of follicles at the crown and hairline can take a full 8 hours. Extracting each graft individually contributes to flawless results, but it’s a meticulous and slow process. Those who add a smaller number of grafts to the hairline will have a shorter session.

Will I have any scars?

People choose FUE in New York because they want to avoid the tell-tale linear scarring of past FUT (strip method) procedures. While there are technically small, round micro-scars left from this procedure, they should be expertly randomized throughout the donor area and end up being virtually invisible. One of the selling points for this procedure is that patients can wear their hair quite short or even buzzed after without signs of an obvious transplant on their scalp.

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What will my procedure be like?

You’ll first visit with a hair transplant surgeon to discuss your particular needs and goals, have a thorough scalp analysis then plan your procedure. Once you’ve agreed on the number of grafts needed and received a surgical quote, you can schedule your procedure day. We recommend you take 1-2 weeks off work so you can recover privately and comfortably.

On the procedure day, your treatment area will be marked out with the careful creation of a new hairline. It’s essential to plan natural contours and irregularities into the transplant region so your final result will look like a real hairline and not a hard edge. You’ll have local, injected anesthetic in the scalp to keep you numb and comfortable. You can relax while listening to music or watching TV throughout the procedure. When you’re done, you’ll be sent home with a few simple instructions about caring for your scalp.

If you have questions about the most effective, safe and permanent way to restore your hairline, we welcome you to call the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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