How Soon Can You Swim After A FUE in NJ?

Hair Transplant in New Jersey

Today’s FUE in NJ is considered to be the least invasive hair transplant surgery ever available. The tiny micro-incisions created for extraction and implantation of hair grafts heal rapidly. The level of visible scarring, which was once the norm, is now a thing of the past. The required downtime patients take off to heal has greatly diminished too.

Even though the process of restoring your hair has gotten easier over time, there are still a few health and safety precautions you must take just as with any cosmetic surgery.

Many people ask how soon after FUE they can wash their hair, and when they can swim. These are important questions because how you care for your healing scalp after transplant may affect your results.

Where Will You Be Swimming?

Various bodies of water you may choose to submerge in come with their own, unique risks.
For instance, salt water pools are meant to be less toxic to the skin than chlorine, yet any pool will harbour an abundance of bacteria. These are normally fought off by a healthy immune system, but when you have incisions or injuries, your defences are down. As well, soaking a healing incision can macerate the edges, weaken the scab and slow recovery.

We used to think of ocean swimming as all natural and clean, but that’s not the case. The ocean is teeming with all sorts of microscopic critters that pose a risk to any healing area on your body.

Chlorine bleach is harsh, that’s how it kills harmful bacteria, but it’s also potentially damaging to your delicate new hair grafts.

Soaking up the sun? Often, poolside lounging, or beach activity involves sun exposure, and you’ll need to be extremely cautious in the first few months to cover up and protect your scalp. A burn could be hazardous in the initial healing stages, and even in the long term, tanning tends to darken scars.

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Are you swimming laps? Swimming is ideal exercise, yet you’ll be advised to hold off on strenuous, cardio workouts in the first couple weeks following a NJ FUE transplant. The risk of bleeding due to increased blood pressure is a chance you shouldn’t take.

You’ll likely be advised to keep your scalp away from the shower stream for at least one-week post op. Any pressure, including water pressure, is potentially harmful. Your surgeon will show you how to gently pour water over your head and wash with specialized products, then pat dry. You’ll see tiny scabs form then fall off between the 5-10-day mark. After this time, when the small incisions at front and back of your head are completely healed, you’ll be permitted to soak, swim and resume most regular activity again.

Don’t take chances with your hair transplant. There are only a few restrictions implemented while healing after FUE in NJ, but strict adherence will be well worth it in the long run. If you have questions about your procedure, we welcome you to contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic.

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