Is There A Right Age For a Hair Transplant in New Jersey?

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How Does Surgery Work?

What’s the best age for a New Jersey hair transplant?

Many people ask this question, and it’s no wonder, as men and women from all age groups and backgrounds suffer hair loss. Just like other cosmetic procedures, there’s not a specific age or right answer, but there are ideal ranges and less ideal ones, which we will outline below.

Studies show that an average of 70% of men and up to 50% of women experience hair loss during their lifetime. Each will see different patterns and progression of it. When it comes to androgenic alopecia- the widespreadgenetic and hormone-related progressive hair loss- men usually notice it first. As early as the 20s, if a young man has a hereditary predisposition to losing his hair, he will likely start to see the tell-tale hairline recession and thinning at the crown. Often, people jump into action because they want to do whatever they can to save their strands. The market is flooded with miracle baldness cures and supplements to “regrow” hair,but the truth is, few products can halt hair fallout and most offer nothing beneficial at all.

In New Jersey, hair transplant surgery is the safest, most reliable and permanent way to restore real, growing hair. It works through a process of redistribution that takes healthy hair follicles from one location and distributes them to another. For most men with male pattern baldness, this means removing grafts from a donor site at the back of the head for retransplantation. Usually, this is the hair that remains after most have fallen out, and it’s more resistant to DHT which ensures it will last in its new location. Though the hair grafts are robust and essentially permanent, the progression of further hair loss is unpredictable.

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For this reason, younger people who have only just begun to lose hair are usually advised to wait before proceeding with surgery. The problem that can arise if a patient is too young is that transplanted hair will be left alone at the recipient site while nativehair continues to fall out around it. The progression of balding is not always symmetric. People lose it more at the front, or more at the sides, very slowly, or very quickly, and the only way to know what pattern and progression you will experience, is to wait.

Patients in their 40s and 50s are usually better candidates for New Jersey hair transplants. They have well-established and more predictable patterns of hair loss. They are less likely to require another procedure within a short time frame.

You and your hair transplant surgeon will ultimately decide when the right time for you is. For those who need to wait a little longer, excellent treatments such as PRP for hair are available at Nova Medical Hair Transplant. No other non-surgical options provide measurable results, without drugs, stitches or downtime. Give us a call to learn what possibilities are available for you.

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