The Biggest Differences Between A FUT and FUE in NJ

Considering The Life-Changing Procedure

Why Do People Seek Surgical Hair Restoration?

Hair transplant methods have advanced to the point that men and women can completely, permanently restore their hair without lengthy, traumatic surgery or unnatural results.

FUE in NJ at Nova Medical Hair Transplant is in higher demand each year. You may be considering this life-changing procedure for yourself if your hairline is thinning or receding, but you’ll likely encounter some confusing terms when you start researching. For instance, have you heard of FUT, versus FUE? The first stands for follicular unit transplant and the lattermeansfollicular unit extraction. Which one is better you ask? The answer may be either, and in fact, we offer both of these proven methods for transplant. Read on to learn why.

Hair loss due to genetic makeup is a widespread problem. Known medically as androgenic alopecia, progressive balding is an issue for up to 2/3 of all men and half of all women. It’s no wonder that people seek out medications, supplements, topical creams and formulas to halt the fallout and restore density. Expensive wig systems were once the only way to dramatically replace hair, yet no matter how well-constructed and pricey, a hairpiece never looks like your real growing hair, because it isn’t. Furthermore, miracle products typically don’t deliver results. Modern hair transplant procedures have evolved to the impressive levelthey’re presently at through continual innovation, research and pursuit of excellence in the hair transplant industry. There are two leading procedure types offered at the country’s top hair clinics, sharing both similarities and differences.

Strip Harvest Method

Two principal methods areavailable in NJ, FUE or FUT, also known as the strip harvest method. Both techniques result inthe permanent transfer of small follicle grafts into the recipient sites at the hairline and crown of the head. During graft implantation, both processes are nearly identical. FUT requires the surgeon to dissect the individual grafts by hand under a specialized microscope. The FUE devices create individual grafts,so the surgeon does not needtoseparate them by hand. The real differences exist in the extraction method more than implantation.

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FUE Systems

FUT/Strip method—A hair-bearing strip of scalp is excised from the back of the head. It is typically a wide, horizontal piece removed from the area where hair growth is the densest. The scalp is carefully cut into micro-grafts by hand under a fiber optic equipped microscope. The surgeon is able to meticulously avoid transection, (accidentally cutting through the follicle bulb) and can allow for any number of hairs they want in the graft. These will typically range from 1-4 hairs each, and are customized for various implant locations.

The wound is closed with sutures or glue and will require a couple of weeks for full healing. Because the scalp is a mobile area, frequent movement or tension can prolong the process. This procedure is typically less costly than FUE but does result in a linear scar which may be noticeable if the hair is worn very short. By contrast, in NJ, FUE is a scalpel-free option that results in significantly faster recovery times and eliminates the concern for a long, visible scar. With or without robotic assistance, The FUE device extracts each hair graft individually using a tiny precision punch tool which takes a portion of tissue surrounding each hair follicle. The process requires more time and will usually yield lower numbers of grafts in one session than FUT can. Those who select FUT on the other hand,usually want a more dramatic transformation with more grafts transplanted at one time.

In either case, transplanted hairs will take and begin to grow according to natural hair growth cycles, starting roughly three months later. Advanced FUE systems boast an over 90% take rate because of graft preservation and protection during extraction. FUT requires a surgeon to divide each graft by hand which means that their specific skill, experience and artistic ability will influence how optimal each hair plug is. FUE in New Jersey is considered to be the more advanced and modern approach, preferred by many, but it’s critical to understand that methods must be personalized forthe individual, their existing hair growth and their goals. Strip techniques are traditional and enduring because they still suit many clients.

When considering a hair transplant procedure for yourself, in-person consultation with a hair restoration specialist will be your first step toward determining the best approach for you. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, our experts offer customized solutions to keep our clients happy and confident.

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