The Most Important Advantages & Disadvantages of FUE in NJ

The best possible hair transplant options

FUE in NJ – What’s Involved?

While you search for the best possible hair transplant options, you’ll likely come across FUE in NJ as a leading choice. There are good reasons that men and women choose this advanced restoration technique to get back their hair and confidence. However, it’s essential to understand that the perfect options for you will be personal. Your ideal method for hair replacement could be the FUT approach or FUE.

This method utilizes a small, rotary punch device which may or may not be accompanied by digital or robotic regulation. Modern follicular unit extraction machines help surgeons to work faster and with greater precision than ever. One of the most significant advantages is the lack of a long, visible scar.

FUT, also called the strip method, is a traditional technique that is still in use. It requires a long strip of scalp tissue to be excised from the back of the head, then dissected to create the individual grafts.

FUE in NJ will not leave a long scar, so many people prefer it. However, there are a few ways that FUE can fall behind the older option. Removing a strip of scalp to dissect allows surgeons to create a high number of grafts from a relatively small area. When hair loss is severe and the donor area limited, removing a strip, rather than extracting plugs individually from a diffuse area, will be far more efficient. The high number of follicles that can be created using the strip technique sometimes makes the inevitable scar worth it. The cost per graft is also less for FUT because of the greater speed and ease of the procedure.

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FUE Recovery Is Faster

This is a big draw for those busy professionals who struggle to take even one week, let alone two, off work. The modern approach to hair transplant causes far less scalp trauma. Without a long incision to heal, you can be back to your regular activities within roughly 5 days and enjoy a healed scalp much faster.

FUE also wins out over FUT in the number of times it can be repeated. For those who wish to build a result over time, transferring grafts in a few separate sessions, they’ll enjoy greater success with the follicular punch. Your scalp becomes tighter each time you remove a piece and stitch the edges back up. This technique can only be performed once or twice.

Great News for FUE Patients – You Can Do Both!

Did you know that depending on your goals and needs, your hair surgeon may recommend you try a combination of techniques? A feature of FUE is that it can be used to fill in old scars on the head- including those from FUT. A person could have a high graft transfer session using the strip method, then fill in and camouflage using FUE six months later. The best approach for you will be as unique as you are, and the place to start is with a personal consultation. We welcome you to call the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic and start the planning today.

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