The Pros and Cons of an FUE in NJ

Realistic outcomes and rapid recovery

Benefits of FUE in NJ

Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, there are more and more benefits to hair transplant surgery each day.

FUE in NJ leads the way for realistic outcomes and rapid recovery. There are a ton of pros and very few cons, but your hair transplant surgeon will describe all the considerations for you. When you’re considering the procedure to restore your hair, here’s what you need to know:


For many, the greatly reduced scarring you can count on using this method is the main draw. In the past, FUT (strip method) transplants utilized a long strip of scalp, excised and then dissected. It’s still a viable option for some patients today,but when possible, people like to avoid that linear scar that gives away a procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction uses a small punch tool to extract micro hair grafts leaving only tiny holes that close quickly. When done by an expert, the graft donor sites should blend seamlessly into the remaining hair and not be noticeable. Hence the term, ‘scarless’ often applied to this method.

Rapid Recovery

Those undergoing FUE
in NJ typically get back to their regular lives much faster than those who opt for FUT. With a few minor activity restrictions, you can even resume many routine, non-strenuous tasks the next day.

Hairstyle Variety

Another benefit is the ability to wear one’s hair short or even shaved after. Since the strip method leaves a long scar, patients have often avoided cutting the hair short enough to reveal that, while FUE patients can have any hairstyle without that worry.

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The Disadvantages May Include:

The donor hair area may be somewhat larger than FUT because there is no scalp removed. Your hair transplant surgeon will want to spread out the zone they take follicles from so that there are no bald patches created, but this means a significant sized area for some.

The size/volume of a single session is limited. Because the procedure is meticulous and time-consuming, people get realistic results but more subtle coverage and fewer grafts in one sitting.

Sometimes the entire donor area must be shaved. To access follicles and use the punch extraction device, buzzing the area will facilitate accurate extraction. That means cutting the hair short for a time to help camouflage the donor area.

For some women,this option is less than ideal because their typical pattern of hair loss is diffused throughout the head.They don’t have the dense, DHT resistant donor area located at the back like men. They also wear their hair long more often so utilizing a strip for highest yield makes sense for many females.

Every patient’s needs and the best approach for them will be unique. Sometimes, we use FUT, then follow up with the FUE method to disguise scarring. Your options can be customized for you. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant today.

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