What To Expect After Your FUE in New Jersey

Instructions To Keep Track of

Hair Transplant Surgery

When you get ready to invest in a restored head of hair, you’ll have detailed planning and instructions to keep track of.

Though your hair transplant surgeon will fully inform you of everything you need to do both before, and after, this helpful guide may serve as a handy reference to let you know what you can expect after your FUE in New Jersey.

When you leave the clinic, you won’t feel pain or discomfort because the scalp is kept numb using local anesthetic throughout the surgery. You’ll have a light bandage applied over the treatment sites and may be given an antibiotic to take.

Prescription or over the counter analgesic medications will help keep you comfortable, and you’ll be advised to keep your head elevated. The reason this is beneficial for comfort is that bending over or allowing gravity to pull more blood to the area hurts and may slow healing. You’ll be advised to avoid aerobic activity as well and any strenuous activity that could raise blood pressure.

Expect to see a little spot bleeding which slows and resolves after the first day. Swelling sets in after a few hours and will peak around day two. Depending on your body and the degree of treatment you had, you may see swelling on the forehead area as well. Rest assured, this is temporary and will begin to improve after the 3rd day, with most swelling or bruising reduced by the 7-day mark.

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How Soon Does Hair Growth Appear After FUE in New Jersey?

When instructions are followed and the treatment site well-cared for, there is usually no sign of surgery visible by 10 days. You can expect to be back at work and life without hiding your scalp or feeling restricted in any way.

The new hair follicles start to produce hairs that are visible around 10 weeks after transplant. Initially, you may see the strands which were grafted in fall out, and this causes alarm for some people but that type of “shock loss” is expected and doesn’t mean the follicle itself has fallen out. The new hair must grow according to the natural growth cycles, so this takes time and patience.

You’ll see thin, wispy new hair come in a few months later and these stands often stick straight out or appear a little different in texture or direction. Don’t worry- the process of establishing natural density and pattern for growth takes many months but it will happen. Healthy hair growth is stylable around 6 months and will be fully grown around 1-year post-procedure.

If you have questions about what your New Jersey FUE recovery experience will be like, we welcome you to call and learn more today.

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