Hair Transplants – Are New Jersey Women Candidates?

Hair loss is often referred to terms of men and male pattern baldness.

Even though it doesn’t get as much attention, up to 50% of all women report losing significant hair at some point n their lives. Androgenetic alopecia is commonly known as pattern baldness. It represents a progressive and permanent issue related to genetic and hormonal influences. In New Jersey, hair transplant patients are typically male, but more women are taking advantage of new technology that allows for incredibly natural and effective procedures. Before determining which hair surgery method or non-surgical treatment is right for a woman, it’s worthwhile to understand how females experience hair loss.

Female Pattern Hair Loss:

They don’t tend to lose hair the same way that their male counterparts do. Typically, the first sign of thinning is more visible scalp at the crown, or, top of the head. It means they will see a wider part if they split their hair in the middle. As well, hair fallout tends to be diffused for females. Women often notice their hair becomes thinner all over, yet the edges remain more or less in the same place.

Male Pattern Hair Loss:

Compare this to the classic pattern of male balding which starts with hairline recession, then a crown bald spot forming, and eventually leaves a band or horseshoe of hair at the back and sides only. The hair which remains is typically resistant to DHT which makes it suitable for transplantation because it is likely to stay where it’s grafted in.

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Factors That Qualify A Person for Hair Surgery

Two factors that qualify a person for hair surgery include having permanent, progressive alopecia, and sufficient donor hair. Women seek follicle transplant surgery because of visible thinning, typically at the crown. They must first be assessed to determine whether their thinning is permanent. Traction alopecia and other types of temporary hair loss can be brought on by medications, fluctuations in hormones, nutritional deficits such as crash dieting, stress and consistent pulling on the scalp. The good news for many women is, addressing the cause for fallout will gradually allow the hair to grow back in. After discussing health and contributing factors with your physician, the type of hairand its pattern of growth on your scalp will give clues to your surgeon as to whether you have androgenetic alopecia.

The second qualifier is trickier for many females. There must be sufficient density at a donor site to collect hair grafts without leaving obvious gaps or creating bald patches. Men often have dense hair in one place, with balding areas in another. Because the thinning is more even and diffused for women, it can be time-consuming and challenging to harvest hairs from around the head without donor depletion.

There are a few, popular catalysts for women choosing FUE and those include post-facial plastic surgery hair loss and eyebrow restorations. Sometimes, tension or scar placement resulting from facial surgery leaves hairless spots along the scalp which are apparent. As well, many women have sparse or missing eyebrows for a variety of reasons. Tattoo options and makeup do not look as real and natural as growing hair- because they aren’t. The modern methods of micro-graft hair transplant allow surgeons to meticulously transfer hairs back to these regions, one or two strands at a time. The effects are impressive and permanent.

If you’re a woman considering hair transplant in New Jersey, you’re not alone. There are useful, transformative options for you which include FUE, FUT and the effective, non-surgical treatment, PRP for hair. Nova Medical Hair Transplant welcomes you to call and set up your own, private consultation. Learn about the possibilities and take the next step to renewed confidence.

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