Post-FUE Phase

You may have noticed there’s a growing trend of people travelling far- even overseas- to take advantage of low-cost hair transplant surgery.

The concept of cosmetic tourism isn’t new, and our hair NJ FUE experts actually recommend you venture out of your immediate area if it allows you to work with a leader in this competitive industry. However, travelling to far off transplant clinics in order to save money is not usually advised, and here’s why.

The Quality of Your Post-Operative Care Will Directly Impact Your Hair Transplant Results

You’re correct to assume that choosing a qualified, experienced practitioner is essential for excellent results. Today’s advanced hair transplant techniques are so a-traumatic and precise that they qualify as “micro-surgery,” far less invasive or painful than they once were. Does that mean it matters less how skilled your practitioner is? Definitely not. In fact, more than ever today, FUE devices allow for flawless and natural work that relies on a surgeon’s artistic touch. The transplant devices cannot carefully diffuse and blend the donor area so that no visible scars remain. They do not choose just the right amount of grafts so as not to deplete the scalp, and they do not implant at the ideal density, spacing and direction, without the talentedhand of a skilled human.

That is why choosing the correct surgeon is half the battle. What you do during recovery can have a severe impact on your outcome. A knowledgeable practitioner will not only provide their patients with detailed instructions aboutrestrictions but will also see them again in person relatively soon after surgery. In most cases, this means returning the next day and then again throughout the first two weeks. This time is critical to graft survival, minimizing infection risks and mitigating any other concerns. The hands-on approach of a surgeon during the post-procedure phase ensures proper assessment and intervention if there is an issue with implants healing.

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For Safety And Assurance of Success After FUE in NJ:

Patients should have instructions about what to apply on their scalp the following day after surgery, what to watch for and what to avoid. The first few days often involve temporary swelling, mild redness and itching. Continual communication with the surgeon ensures that patients know what to do and feel less anxious at this stage.

The first scalp wash a day after surgery should be done by a professional. Patients will develop scabbing or swelling to unique degrees, and aggressive or improper scalp contact can dislodge grafts or damage delicate follicles.

Plenty of reassurance is needed during the first days and weeks. Often, tinyincisions will shed scabs or even the hairs that were implanted,and this leads to much unnecessary concern. It’s normal for implanted hairs to drop- not affecting the transplanted follicles at all. The healthy new hair growth doesn’t begin for roughly three months. Hair transplant recipients have greater peace of mind and avoid leaving infections or graft loss unchecked when connecting with their surgeon regularly for advice. Though in most cases the concerning signs are perfectly normal, a surgeon who is overseas cannot identify signs of a problem and act fast to solve them.

Many people have the false impression that FUE in NJ is a one-shot, implant-and-go type of procedure. Though the possibilities for rapid recovery and minimal scarring are truly impressive today, the first few weeks are too important not to have continual, qualified care. If you’re ready to make a significant investment in your appearance through the restoration of your hair, be sure to find a qualified hair restoration expert who will guide you and ensure ongoing success before, during and after your procedure.

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