Hair Loss in Women

How can we treat Hair Loss in women?

Hair Transplants treat hair loss for women

While it is quite normal for each of us to lose between 50-100 hairs on our head each day, many women are shocked and frustrated to find that hair loss in women can accelerate for a number of reasons and lead to visible thinning or baldness.

We often hear about baldness cures and hair transplants for men, and this is because androgenic alopecia – hereditary hair loss – does affect more men than women. However, New Jersey ladies do make up at least 40% of hair loss clients we treat, with many experiencing at least some degree of noticeable hair thinning in mid or late life.

Though women make up a large number of our valued clients, most of them would never tell anyone that they’ve had a hair implant procedure done. Luckily, today’s hair transplant technology is so advanced that they will never need to share their secret if they don’t want to. For women especially, thick, shiny, healthy hair is considered to be a symbol of beauty and a key part of what makes them attractive. There is not the same casual acceptance of hair restoration procedures for women as there is when discussing facial beauty enhancements. Because the subject tends to be hushed, many women suffer alone unnecessarily. Studies have shown that women experiencing hair loss can feel anxious and depressed to the point that their daily life and self esteem are greatly affected.

Thanks to improved awareness and scientific advancements, today women are treated more frequently with the same success and natural-looking results as men, using the industry’s best hair transplant technology. Women seeking hair replacement in New Jersey have many safe, fast and effective options to choose from.

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Hair Growth Cycle

Human hair has a growth cycle with 3 phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen, or “growth” phase can last up to 8 years and accounts for nearly 90% of the hair you see on the scalp at any given time. The hair follicle will shrink during the catagen phase which lasts between 2-3 weeks. Lastly, the hair follicle rests for a few months during the telogen phase.

With 90% growing at any given time, only about 10% of our hair is shrinking or resting each day. Other than hair breakage which can certainly lead to hairs being left in the brush, on clothes and in the drain, hairs that fall out each day are expected, but not in large or increasing numbers. Women with hair loss may see a larger amount of hair than before left in their hairbrush or on the pillow in the morning. They typically see space at the crown and hair part in the middle and front of the scalp. Visualizing more scalp than usual at the temples and hairline is also a common sign of hair loss in women. Though men will tend to see hair recede following a horseshoe pattern- retaining the sides and back- women most commonly see mild to moderate thinning at the top of the head while keeping a sparse hairline intact.

Many possible culprits can cause temporary female hair loss, while some are permanent.
Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary condition affecting an estimated 30 million American females, or 50% of women by the time that they are 50 years old.

Family History

Family History & Hair Loss

This condition, which will tend to show up in family history as well, is characterized by hairs that fall out and are replaced with thin, finer hairs until the follicles shrink so much they regenerate no hairs at all. Hair which once felt strong and robust can become wispy and break easily. Looking closely at the scalp through a microscope reveals hair follicles that vary in size and indicate this genetic predisposition.

Conversely, when a close-up glance reveals that hairs and follicles are all roughly the same size, sudden hair shedding, or baldness is more likely to be related to a temporary, non-hereditary cause such as medication, stress or a health concern. Telogen effluvium, is a medical term for temporary, dramatic hair loss related to temporary triggers.

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Dr. Michael Gartner - Rated #1 Cosmetic Surgeon in New Jersey

For hair restoration in NJ, Dr. Michael Gartner is a leading choice for excellence. Dr. Gartner is set apart as a double board certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon. While hair transplants may be offered through less qualified technicians, the high standard of a celebrity hair transplant comes from decades of detailed surgical experience and advanced education. Dr. Gartner is renowned among colleagues and clients worldwide as an innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He prides himself on being closely involved with all aspects of the patient’s journey, from in-depth, private consultation and strategic planning, to personalized treatment and consistent post-procedure care. His patients can anticipate a pleasant experience with a shorter period of time spent recuperating as a result of his approach to surgery, which is always modified to be as non-invasive as is practically feasible. The most advanced methods for hair restoration in New Jersey combine traditional, hands-on surgical care with the most cutting-edge robotic and digital technology available in the medical aesthetics sector. Patients of Dr. Gartner reap the benefits of his flexible methods, which are adapted to meet the specific requirements of each individual patient. Through the use of meticulous micrografts and artistic placement, it is possible to generate hair that does not appear to have been transplanted but rather completely natural.

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Hair Loss In Women

Can Women Benefit From A Hair Transplant?

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Hormones & Hair Loss

Women tend to be prone to the hormonal shifts and stress-related causes of telogen effluvium.

It is vital to have a detailed discussion with your New Jersey hair loss specialist and determine what your hair restoration needs are.

Mental and emotional stress can lead to hair loss- often with a sudden “fall” or shedding a few months after the key incident. Likewise, surgery or other trauma and shock can cause a delayed “shock loss” which is typically temporary.

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Health & Hair Loss

Before considering a hair transplant procedure, your plastic surgeon will want to discuss your overall health to help you narrow down the source of your changes. Certain medical conditions including dysfunctional thyroid may lead to balding and thinning. Abrupt weight loss and deprivation diets can cause the body to suddenly shed hair and large amounts of vitamin A consumption have also been known to trigger hair loss in women. Anemia, or, Iron deficiency is common for many women and may be linked to thinning hair. As well, hormone levels shift during pregnancy and menopause, so these two life stages may also lead to sudden, noticeable female hair loss. The good news is that these contributing factors are often temporary and so is their associated hair fallout. Dietary and topical hair growth solutions can be very effective in restoring healthy scalp function and healthy hair growth.

Hereditary pattern hair loss in women requires a more advanced and permanent hair loss solution and the latest, safest FUE hair regrowth technology is NeoGraft.

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Hair Loss Treatment FUE Procedure

Women do not need to have their hair cut or shaved to proceed with the best hair transplant solution in New Jersey. To begin your NeoGraft procedure, your plastic surgeon will lift long hair out of the way and separate treatment and donor areas into sections. The donor site where the specialized NeoGraft extraction device will gather its follicles from; will eventually be completely covered by remaining, healthy hair. Micro grafts are removed in a precise, meticulous way so as not to leave bald patches, scars or obvious donor sites.

The hair transplant is painless because topical freezing just like that used at the dentist is applied to the scalp. As well, local anesthetic can be injected to the area to keep you completely comfortable. Patients will typically rest in a reclined position while they listen to music or watch television. The procedure may take 6 hours or more, depending on coverage desired, but is quite relaxing.

Rather than the long scalp scar which resulted from past FUT/FUSS hair transplant techniques, the NeoGraft FUE system uses tiny, a-traumatic punches punches to remove micro cylinders of scalp containing very small bunches of follicles- often between 1-3 hairs. These are carefully placed through a small slit in the scalp between established hairs. The small openings created are roughly 0.9-1.0 mm in diameter and heal within a few days, leaving no discernible marks.

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Hair Loss Women

FUE Hair Loss Treatment

Process Notes:

  • This revolutionary FUE hair restoration can also replace bald or sparse eyebrows and facial hair for men. The hairs are removed with an eye for the natural direction and patterns of growth, then your skilled New Jersey hair loss specialist will artfully place them with the same consideration for direction and density of hairs, achieving your most natural hairline possible.
  • Patients will typically experience mild, temporary swelling and sensitivity in the scalp which is well-managed with over the counter pain medication or cold compress. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid certain activity like swimming and entering hot tubs for a short while to ensure that you aren’t unnecessarily at risk of infection while healing. Most patients can wash their hair normally and return to regular, daily activities within a few days of the procedure.
  • With an impressive 90% rate of “take” or permanence, our patients often require only 1 session to achieve the long term, restored and strong head of hair that they dreamed of. We will advise you about how to take the best possible care of your new head of hair including recommending products such as scalp nourishing shampoos and vital supplements for hair. 
  • Once you pass the initial shedding stage which is expected a few months after hair transplant, your new, real and growing hair can be fully appreciated by roughly 1 year after surgery. You will be able to wash and brush it as usual and see strong, continued growth.

At the New Jersey Hair Transplant clinic, we welcome all patients to relax in our beautiful surroundings and see how their lives can be transformed for the better with personalized, natural and confidential hair restoration.

We specialize in catering to busy executives and A-list clients who have tight schedules and value their privacy. Let us boost your confidence and restore your hair so that you can get back to being you.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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