Out of Town Patients

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Out of Town Patients

Seeking hair restoration transplant – located in New York State?

At the New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic, located in Beautiful New York state, we don’t believe that location should factor more highly when selecting the best FUE Hair Transplant in New Jersey, than expertise and amazing results. Our clients come to see us from all over the world and they believe that world leading hair restoration transplant specialists are worth traveling for. Dr. Michael Gartner is pleased to treat clients from around the globe and help restore confidence one hair transplant at a time.

Luckily, the logistics involved with traveling before and after NJ hair transplant surgery today are far less complex and time consuming than they once were. The procedure itself has been reduced from a lengthy, multi-step process with prolonged discomfort, recovery and medication, to a relatively quick, ‘express surgery’ procedure that allows our busy clients to come and go the same day.

We believe that your whole transformation experience should be enjoyable so from the very first contact with our warm, professional staff, to your in-person visit and treatment then follow up care later on, we will ensure that you feel cared for, informed and totally comfortable the entire time.

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Benefits of modern hair transplants for long-distance patients

Although travelling for more invasive and complex surgical procedures can become a bit complicated or even risky, there has never been an easier time to travel for an FUE hair transplant. Provided that the clinic you choose is a top-tier hair transplant center with fully accredited surgical facilities and safety policies that exceed industry standards, then you know that you are receiving a safe, quality procedure, and the question remains, what care do you need afterward?

Luckily, the rapid recovery HARRTS FUE hair systems we use ensures the fastest, easiest recovery ever available after a hair transplant. The atraumatic technique possible through this precision robotic FUE device means that the hair graft extractions are minimally invasive, the recipient areas receive tiny, micro-implants of only 1-2 hairs at a time and the micro-incisions created heal to the point of being barely perceptible within a few days.

There are some simple restrictions for scalp contact, swimming and some other activities, but more clients can resume all regular activity shortly after their procedure, provided they don’t press, rub or otherwise harm their scalp. This means that flying and returning to work is reasonable for most people.

The minor swelling which is expected after a New Jersey FUE hair transplant, will last for a few days. The scalp may feel sensitive during this time and some clients choose to take an over-the-counter pain reliever, but this is not always necessary. There are no strong medications or sedatives required for your hair restoration transplant surgery, so you do not need to worry about the effect that these drugs would have on your ability to travel.

Furthermore, FUE ‘express’ hair transplant surgery is done with only local anesthetic injected to the scalp through a fine needle. The patient feels no discomfort at all during the procedure and afterward, there is no concern about recovery from general anesthetic, which is required for more invasive surgeries. This minimally invasive, micro-surgery uses tiny incisions, no scalpels stitches or staples, and this means no visible, obvious scarring to reveal your secret.

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How can you plan a trip for hair restoration transplant surgery?

A large number of busy executives and people who live in the public eye choose our elite services for the efficiency, comprehensive care and privacy we offer. We have developed a planning process that is as seamless as possible to help facilitate easy booking and treatment for those guests who must travel to see us. Call our office today to find out about possible options and arrangements and let us help to organize the next steps on your journey.

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How to Begin – Hair Restoration Transplant

Depending on your interest and your questions, we will ask for a series of well-lit photos of your hair and scalp from the front, top and sides. Dr. Gartner will personally examine the images and offer you feedback so that we can narrow down treatment options and decide on next steps together.


We have a variety of hair regrowth and restoration treatments available at The New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic and the best, customized procedure package for you may include one or more of the following options:

  • HARRTS FUE hair transplant
  • HARRTS facial hair transplant
  • GiSODin hair growth supplements
  • CopperK specialized hair growth Shampoo and topical treatments
  • Topical medication treatment to stop and reverse hair loss including Minoxidil and Finasteride

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Dr. Michael Gartner - Rated #1 Cosmetic Surgeon in New Jersey

For hair restoration in NJ, Dr. Michael Gartner is a leading choice for excellence. Dr. Gartner is set apart as a double board certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon. While hair transplants may be offered through less qualified technicians, the high standard of a celebrity hair transplant comes from decades of detailed surgical experience and advanced education. Dr. Gartner is renowned among colleagues and clients worldwide as an innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He prides himself on being closely involved with all aspects of the patient’s journey, from in-depth, private consultation and strategic planning, to personalized treatment and consistent post-procedure care. Because his surgical approach is always adapted to be as minimally invasive as possible, his patients can count on a comfortable experience with reduced recovery time. Refined techniques for hair restoration in NJ involve a hands-on surgical management combined with the medical aesthetic industry’s newest robotic and digital equipment. Dr. Gartner’s patients benefit from his adaptable methods, which are customized for each client’s unique needs. The celebrity hair transplant look is full, natural, and virtually scarless. Fine micrografts and artistic placement achieve hair that doesn’t look like a transplant, but entirely revitalized.

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Hair Restoration Transplant

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Patient Coordination

Once your photos have been reviewed by Dr. Gartner, your Patient Coordinator will get in touch with you to provide a hair transplant cost breakdown and quote for other recommended services.

When you see your hair transplant surgeon in person, there will be opportunity to discuss specific treatment options or changes before proceeding. Please let your patient care coordinator know if you have additional questions, concerns or treatments that you are interested in scheduling.

A second consultation can be scheduled to discuss the details of your procedure via skype, phone or other method with Dr. Gartner personally.
Your patient coordinator can help you to plan your FUE treatment date, pre-procedure preparation, and accommodations while you are here.

The logistics of travel plans are our specialty and our personalized patient concierge service ensures all aspects of your procedure and trip planning run smoothly and seamlessly for you. We haven’t overlooked a thing you will require for your stay.

Though there is no nursing care or overnight stay required after an FUE hair transplant at our clinic, we welcome you to book accommodations at one of our beautiful, partner hotels nearby. Manhattan is only a short trip away and there’s no place with more to do and see than New York. If you are in a hurry – we understand completely. Many busy professionals and A-list clients chose our clinic for the efficient, rapid procedures and privacy we offer. If you wish to fly in and leave later the same day you can do that with ease, making treatment at The New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic one of the easiest yet transformative cosmetic procedures you can undergo.

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Additional help with everything you need

If required, we can arrange for a private driver, assistants or child care to help make your treatment as easy and stress-free as possible. We specialize in the details, so you can relax.

When you arrive at our clinic, we will show you to a private space when your belongings can be safely kept and where you can relax quietly, take a meal and have your treatment done in privacy. Many patients prefer to listen to their favorite music while they recline comfortably for their procedure or watch TV. The time will fly and in as little as 5-6 hours, you can be on your way, excited to see the results to come.

You will meet with and be examined by Dr. Gartner to review plans before proceeding and after your procedure, you will be provided with detailed care instructions and advice to take with you. There is very little required in the way of specialized care after your hair transplant, but gentle washing with the specialized products we offer, and avoidance of certain activities will be an important part of your recovery. Minor swelling commonly appears for the first few days and your scalp may feel sensitive during this time. We recommend the soothing scalp spray and topical treatments from CopperK to keep you comfortable through the first few days of healing.

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After your Hair Restoration Transplant

A few tips

You are free to go right after your hair transplant treatment, but we want to stay in touch and hear about your progress. The first few months after a hair transplant surgery can be a frustrating time for patients due to the natural cycles for hair growth. You can expect the implanted hairs to fall out throughout the first months and new hair growth will appear from the healthy, established follicles. Many people find it hard to be patient or they may be concerned when they see this natural progression. We welcome you to call our office, send photos and chat with our hair restoration experts every step of the way. We’ll be cheering on your results and encourage you about the next steps in your transformation. You can expect to see full, growing hair within 1 year.

We welcome you to come back for additional services, check ups and planning. We enjoy investing time in our out of town patients and we know that they have invested their time and effort into making us their first choice for hair transplant surgery.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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