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2 Reasons That FUE is The Most Requested New Jersey Hair Transplant Method

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FUE in New Jersey Has Taken Over

If you’ve dealt with hair loss for any amount of time, no doubt you’ve done some research into the various hair restoration methods available today. There are hair “systems” which are essentially expensive, modern toupee’s, there’s hair loss medication such as Rogaine, and there’s hair transplants. In recent years, FUE in New Jersey has taken over the hair growth industry and with good reason. This safe, effective and permanent method of hair transplant is now the number one, most requested hair restoration treatment. Below, we’ll tell you two good reasons why.

The Results of FUE in New Jersey are more natural than ever

Nothing beats the natural look of real, growing hair. No spray on, stuck on substitute ever looks quite as good. Regular washing, styling cutting and worry-free life with real hair is unmistakably superior to the alternatives. In the past, however, hair transplant results didn’t always look natural and in fact, the hair placed in obvious rows or in large plugs, would often give away the fact of hair transplant instantly. Every man or women who undergoes a hair transplant wants natural results that look like they never had a procedure at all.

FUE, follicular unit extraction, allows the surgeon to extract tiny micro grafts and place them in realistic angles and patterns according to your natural hair growth. As well, the extraction site where grafts are taken is at the back of the scalp.

Tiny punch holes 1mm or less in diameter close quickly after extraction and heal to be virtually unnoticeable. Whether due to the realistic hairline creation now possible, or the lack of a tell-tale scar at the back, today’s FUE results look natural.

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New Jersey FUE Recovery

New Jersey FUE recovery is faster and easier

After an FUE hair transplant, patients can expect to be up and returning to many light, daily activities right away. This procedure is a micro-surgery, done under local anaesthetic on an out-patient basis. This means that no general anesthetic which puts you to sleep is necessary, and you will have your treatment in the warm, comfortable environment of a private treatment center, rather than a hospital.

Slight redness and minimal swelling are expected for a few days after treatment and patients are advised to wear a soft hat, keep out of the sun and avoid touching the area. Small scabs may appear, but these naturally fall off within about a week. We recommend that patients schedule time off work to relax and recover in a stress-free environment.

Though there are no bandages or obvious signs of surgery, many people feel uncomfortable going to work with a hat on, or having anyone see the reddish spot on their scalp during that time. You will also be advised to avoid the gym for at least a week. Elevated blood pressure is not ok in the first week after treatment, but most people find the process pain-free and low maintenance to recover from. Results will begin to appear within a few months and full results are seen between 9-12 months.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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