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3 Facts About PRP Hair Loss Treatments in New Jersey

New Hair Growth Solutions in New Jersey

Few New Hair Growth Solutions Are as Exciting as PRP

In New Jersey, hair loss treatments that are most popular include FUE hair transplants, medications, and now platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. We’ll take a closer look at these options and let you know a few important facts that could help you choose what’s best for you.

Fue Hair Transplants Aren’t for Everyone, but PRP Is

Unless you have a bleeding condition in which case your practitioner will assess your suitability, PRP is for virtually anyone. Though modern hair transplant techniques create impressive and permanent results, not every person suffering hair loss qualifies as a patient or wants to have restoration surgery. FUE is also the pricier option at roughly 10k and up for a substantial number of grafts. Because of the natural results and newer, scarless approach, FUE is, considered to be a worthwhile financial investment for many, but the next best option coming in at a far lower cost would be the powerful effects of New Jersey PRP for hair loss. Men and women of all ages can have PRP treatment.

PRP Is Completely Natural

How many health and beauty treatments with proven efficacy can make that claim? Derived from your own blood, this potent serum is 100% natural, so adverse reactions or intolerance are not concerns. There is virtually no chance of rejection or allergy as your body recognizes its healing factors from your blood. Compare this with two popular hair loss medications, minoxidil, and finasteride. They have moderate success rates, primarily slowing hair loss but rarely restoring growth. Because the effects are temporary, one must apply the medications indefinitely or face losing hair again. Either of these is not without side effects, and some can be as serious as rashes, heart arrhythmias, increased risk of cancer and impotence. PRP is a natural product applied directly to the target area which has no systemic effects and causes no complications.

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New Jersey PRP for Hair Loss Really Works

PRP – Effective and Safe Alternative Provides Real Measurable Results

Many people don’t realize that this incredible treatment has been researched and utilized in the medical field since the 1980’s. Heart surgeons, dentists, dermatologists, and sports doctors have all used PRP in a variety of applications to regenerate tissue, heal injuries fast and relieve pain. Famous athletes have revived their careers through rapid, targeted healing after injuring joints and tendons. In the beauty industry, PRP facials were discovered to turn back the hands of time in the early 2000’s and now use the growth factor serum both topically and as a superficial injection to smooth and beautify the complexion.

When injected at the root of hair follicles, PRP is believed to stimulate hair through triggering the anagen phase of hair. With 3-4 initial treatments, people report thicker, denser and visibly longer hair. Platelets carry natural growth factors that stimulate cells to heal and regenerate.

When applied after a hair transplant, grafts can establish a blood supply and grow hairs more quickly with a higher ‘take rate’ than shown without PRP. For those who aren’t ready or qualified for a hair transplant, this effective and safe alternative provides real measurable results.

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