PRP Hair Loss Facts in New Jersey

3 Surprising Facts About New Jersey PRP For Hair Loss

3 Facts About Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair Loss Can Be Effectively Treated Both Surgically and Non-Surgically

Perhaps you’ve been researching options to safely restore hair growth and treat baldness, and you’ve come across these three letters: PRP. In New Jersey, hair loss can be effectively treated both surgically and non-surgically. The latest non-surgical option is 100% natural and quickly gaining popularity in all areas of medical esthetics. Many people have questions about this exciting new treatment and some facts about platelet rich plasma, may even surprise you.

1. This Product Is Extracted from Human Blood

This may sound disturbing, but we actually all have PRP inside of us naturally. When a small amount of blood is drawn then spun in a centrifuge, the clear plasma, platelets, red and white cells separate. Isolating the transparent serum and platelets together for re-injection means delivering concentrated PRP that has 5 times the normal number of platelets in it. Platelets naturally deliver growth factors to your tissue. They trigger everything from blood vessel generation to connective and skin cell growth, depending on where they are placed. Your blood naturally carries platelets to the scene of an injury when your tissue requires healing.

When injected along with a hair transplant surgery, the delicate hair follicle grafts receive a supercharge of nutrients and growth stimulation that can bring on visible results factor and ensure more valuable transplants take root.

2. New Jersey PRP for Hair Loss Is Relatively New, but PRP Isn’t

This revolutionary treatment was actually utilized for the first time in 1987 to assist with heart surgery, and doctors have been injecting this powerful healing serum into arthritic joints and sports injuries for decades. Famous athletes such as Tiger woods have raved about the treatment and football stars went on to win the Superbowl after receiving healing PRP treatments to accelerate their injury recovery. The concentrated plasma is well researched as a healing agent for bone fractures in humans and animals, for chronic pain, incontinence and more. Imagine what it can do for hair health when applied to the scalp!

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New Jersey PRP – Completely Autologous Hair Loss Treatment

3. This Is the Safest Hair Regrowth Solution Around Today

In New Jersey, PRP hair loss treatment is completely autologous. This is one of the only risk-free treatments available due to the fact that the product comes from the patient’s own body. There is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection. Unlike dermal fillers used in cosmetic treatments, or topical medications and products, platelet rich plasma requires no downtime and carries no risk of adverse reactions that so many other procedures do.

Ask your hair transplant surgeon about PRP as an effective hair stimulation and transplant support option. The treatment is fast, easy and pain-free. You can be back to your regular routine immediately after your session and only you will know what you’ve done to nourish your scalp and hair. Many people today are seeking safer, side effect-free hair regeneration treatments. This minimally invasive and risk-free procedure is the solution they’ve been waiting for.

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