Benefits of Hair Loss New Jersey PRP

5 Benefits of New Jersey PRP For Hair Loss

100% Natural Restorative Solution

The Miracle Treatment You’re Seeking

Are you like the millions of North Americans who’ve heard of PRP and wonder if it could be the miracle treatment you’re seeking? This 100% natural restorative solution has revolutionized the cosmetic medical industry, and now New Jersey PRP for hair loss is gaining traction as the top hair treatment available. What makes it so appealing? What does this treatment involve? Below, we list five reasons why you will want to find out for yourself.

1. Platelet-Rich Plasma Is Tried and Tested

This healing treatment has been utilized in medicine for decades in applications ranging from heart surgery and dental work to sports injuries and arthritis. Platelets carry your body’s natural growth factors to the site of an injury for accelerated healing and new tissue regeneration. We have plenty of research and data to support its efficacy and safety which puts it ahead of many current treatments.

2. It’s All You!

This incredible procedure uses your blood to treat you. What could be more natural? With New Jersey PRP for hair loss, there is no need for concern about foreign substances or harmful chemicals. The treatment carries no risk of adverse reaction or allergy because it is autologous- derived from a patient’s own blood. Few effective treatments are as risk-free.

3. Treats Not Only Hair Transplant Recipients

PRP for hair loss in New Jersey treats not only hair transplant recipients but those who cannot or do not wish to have a hair transplant. Many hair regeneration solutions are not appropriate for all people. Medications don’t always work and cause unwanted side effects. Some people are not good candidates for hair transplant because they are too young, their hair loss progression is unstable, they have medical conditions that exclude them, or they have a hair loss type other than androgenic alopecia. For these people, PRP is safe and effective, creating visible, measurable results without the risks or drawback of other treatments. The results are slow and gradual which is key to natural-looking hair.

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PRP – Top New Jersey Hair Transplant Trend

Not All Effective and Permanent Hair Restoration Options are Surgical

PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma, is increasingly requested among those with thinning or balding hair. This medical technology has been trusted for decades in sports medicine, pain management and other non-cosmetic areas, but today its ability to boost cell health and growth wherever it is placed has become prized in hair restoration. A small amount of the patient’s own blood is extracted then separated into its components with a centrifuge. The plasma containing powerful platelet growth factors is injected at the base of hair follicles with a fine needle.

Scalp microneedling is also an option, with a thin layer of the product applied on top where it can be drawn in to do its work. This treatment is typically performed 3-4 times initially, then maintained once or twice per year. PRP works well alone or as a complimentary therapy during and after hair transplant surgery.

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