Hair Restoration

There’s a completely natural treatment available for men and women- and it really works.

No wonder people are raving about it! In NJ, PRP for hair loss is quickly growing in popularity, and growing hair. If you have questions, we have answers.

1. Why Do NJ Residents Prefer The Ease of PRP for Hair Loss?

Also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, it’sa natural, in-office treatment that requires no stitches, scalpels or downtime. Many people are looking for a safe, easy way to boost their hairgrowth and they’re not yet ready to consider hair transplant surgery. Does this describe you? It’s virtually painless and takes only about 60 minutes to perform. No visible sign of a procedure will remain on your scalp, and you can return to daily activities right away. A few, consecutive sessions will be recommended at first, followed by one or two maintenance treatments per year. Sound easy? We think so too.

2. What Will My Treatment Be Like?

First, a minimal amount of your blood will be drawn, likely from the arm, then spun in a special,handheld centrifuge. This separates your blood into its components, leaving a layer of platelet-rich serum that appears yellow-ish and translucent. That plasma layer is what will be drawn up into a syringe, then injected in a diffused pattern across your scalp, spaced about 1 inch apart. Once all of the product has been administered, it goes to work- and you can too. Patients may feel temporary sensitivity on the scalp for a few hours or nothing at all.

3. What Are The Risks And Considerations?

Thankfully, because PRP doesn’t contain any animal derivatives or drugs, the risk for allergic reaction is virtually eliminated. It is an autologous procedure, meaning the product is taken from your own body, so not only does this reduce the chance of rejection but it eliminates the possibility of disease transmission. To ensure safe processing, handling and injection, seek out a trained, board-certified plastic surgeon. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we’re available and happy to talk with you about all the benefits of this exciting treatment.

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Natural Growth Cycle

4. NJ PRP Therapy—Why Is It Useful for Hair Loss?

Your blood consists of carefully balanced and powerful ingredients. Whenever human tissue is injured, the inflammatory cascade of responses begins, sending platelets rushing to the area to clot bleeding, trigger healing and regeneration. Platelets contain over 20 different growth factors, proteins and cytokines that stimulate everything from new blood vessel formation ( angiogenesis) to cell growth. The healthyarchitecture and integrity of any tissue begins with signalling from stem cells in that area. Platelet stem cells are concentrated 5xs in PRP serum, compared with normal blood. If your natural blood can heal you so miraculously every day, imagine what this concentrated formula can do? Medical doctors and surgeons have been using this biotechnology for decades to heal joints, repair damaged muscles and decrease inflammation. We’ve only just caught on in the cosmetic, aesthetic industry that this incredible therapy can do so much more. The benefits to stimulate hair growth and awaken dormant follicles are overwhelming, and further studies are ongoing.

5. Does PRP Hurt?

Minor sensitivity in the hours after treatment is possible, but patients report minimal discomfort, and there are no incisions.The serum is injected superficially into your scalp using very fine, micro-needles. The treatment area will be numbed with a special cream so even though the injections are just pinpricks, your surgeon will go out of their way to make sure you don’t feel a thing.

6. In NJ, How Many Sessions Are Advised to Grow Hair?

We recommend that most clients start with three sessions, spaced 1-2 months apart. That allows the PRP to affect hair roots throughout the natural growth cycles. In the long term, 1-2 treatments per year sustains results.

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