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7 Tips To Follow After Your New Jersey Hair Transplant

Restore Your Locks in New Jersey

Hair Experts Recommendations for the Best Results

When you research hair transplant in New Jersey to restore your locks, you’ll find plenty of websites displaying motivating results photos, but you may not find detailed care instructions. Knowing what hair experts recommend for the best results is one way you can be confident in your investment.

Insist on Follow up Care

The critical time immediately post-procedure is particularly important. Unfortunately, today there are low prices and mega graft surgeries being offered overseas, presented as easy and cheap. One of the downsides that traveling far for cosmetic procedures creates, is a lack of adequate follow-up care and instruction. For instance, within the first 48 hours, one should not touch, scratch, wash or otherwise contact the scalp. This is a key time for infection avoidance. Your surgeon should be in contact with you in case of any problems.

Don’t Touch!

A physical sign of healing can be itching sensations, but it is crucial that clients do not rub at their incision or follicle transplant area. The delicate grafts will be establishing their blood supply soon after the procedure. Your surgeon will provide saline or a soothing topical treatment to apply for comfort. Many people find it convenient to wear a soft hat in these early days as it not only protects the head but serves as a reminder to avoid contact.

Keep out of the Sun

Staying out of the sun for at least two weeks is often recommended. The sensitive and healing scalp should not be dried out or exposed to damage. As well, scarring can be made more visible if exposed to the sun while healing.

Elevate Your Head and Shoulders

Though discomfort and swelling should be minimal after your New Jersey hair transplant, you can take active measures to minimize these in the first week through elevation of the head and shoulders during sleep. Many patients find it easiest to do this in a recliner chair, however, a stack of firm pillows at the head of the bed also works. The reason that laying flat or bending over can be detrimental is that gravity affects swelling. Increased blood pressure in the scalp can even lead to bleeding and compromise results. The inflammation you experience will resolve faster and feel less uncomfortable if you don’t let gravity work against you.

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Take Medications as Prescribed After Hair Transplant in New Jersey

Many people don’t like to take pills. They may also find that they feel relatively good after a transplant and so do not see the need for medication. Many surgeons will advise antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-itch medications. These serve an important purpose and will not only keep you more comfortable but could be key to delivering optimal results. Don’t take chances—if your doctor advises it, take your medication.

Avoid Working out or Working Too Hard

You’ll be advised to avoid going to the gym, jogging, or even having sex for the first week after the procedure. These instructions can be particularly frustrating for active, busy people. There are good reasons to heed this advice, however. If your heart rate and blood pressure are up, the stress on tiny blood vessels surrounding your new grafts is high. Bending over, heavy lifting and straining can all put your results in jeopardy.

Be Patient!

Even though it may be marketed that way, a hair transplant is not an instant or overnight solution. The initial hair growth may take between 3-4 months to show, and full results can typically be appreciated between 9-12 months. Try to be patient with the healing process and follow all instructions so that you get the best, possible result.

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