Techniques To Help Prepare Yourself For a Hair Transplant in New Jersey

Tips for you to provide the best healing environment for your new hair

Do You Take Medication or Supplements?

The instructions you’ll need to follow after a hair transplant in New Jersey are not very complicated; however, they are essential. The care you take with your delicate new grafts just after surgery will help ensure they thrive. We’ll outline a few useful tips for you to provide the best healing environment for your new hair.

You’ll review your medical history and any prescriptions you take during your initial consultation. It’s essential for New Jersey hair transplant clients to understand that even natural health supplements or over the counter drugs like Aspirin, can pose a problem. Both before and after your surgery you should tell your surgeon about anything you take and even things you’re not sure about. They’ll let you know if the substance could have a negative effect on your bleeding or healing.

You May Want To Get A Hair Cut

You don’t have to, but in many cases, FUE hair transplant in New Jersey is carried out after buzzing a patch of hair at the back of the head quite short. That allows the highest visibility and access for the procedure. The hair grows back quickly of course, and your FUE donor sites will heal fast, but your hair cut may look strange for a while unless you intervene with a new short style.

For those with long hair, keeping hair long is often possible, and the surgeon can do layer-shaving designed to hide when the hair is worn loose.

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How Should You Prepare Your Hair And Scalp?

All you need to do is wash your hair normally the day of your procedure, and don’t apply conditioner or styling products. In the weeks leading up to your hair restoration, you’ll be asked not to dye your hair.

Microfibres or camouflage sprays are to be thoroughly washed out before treatment as well, and your surgeon will advise you to wait until you’re completely healed before using them again.

Why Is It Important to Avoid Working Out for a Couple of Weeks?

Many of our clients are fit and active people who view going to the gym as a regular and necessary part of life. It can be frustrating to hold off, but there are great reasons to do as advised. The increase in blood pressure people experience during aerobic activity increases pressure in all the little vessels and in particular, the blood vessels in your scalp.

The area will be sensitive and a bit swollen for a week, but adding pressure while working out, or even during sex, can push on the tiny graft implants. You could experience increases in swelling, bleeding, or even lose some grafts. You’ll be free to take part in most light activities soon after hair transplant, but the workouts need to wait.

If you have questions about the process of planning or recovering from a hair restoration surgery, we’d love to hear from you.

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