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Hair transplant in NJ is popular with men and women of all ages. One reason for the surge in the restoration surgery trend is the more efficient, less invasive method used by clinics today. FUE ( follicular unit extraction) is a NJ hair transplant method that doesn’t leave a long, noticeable scar, and does allow you to heal fast. What could be better? We’re going to explain how it works.

The first step on your procedure day will usually involve shaving or buzzing the hair at the donor site which is typically at the back of the head.

Next, your surgeon will draw/design a realistic and natural looking hairline to guide graft insertion and ensure the best outcome.

Mini and micro-sized hair grafts are ‘punched’ out of the donor site for transplant. These are very small pieces of scalp tissue which contain between 1-4 follicles each. The little holes they create are so small that they close quickly on their own, without stitches.

The hair plugs are then inserted to the recipient site which is prepared with extremely fine slits. The nature of these openings means that they hold the graft tissue tightly and don’t require stitching to keep them shut. A slit opening heals as a thin line that eventually disappears.

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Things To Avoid After Hair Transplant

After harvesting and grafting to the new hair sites are complete, your scalp will be cleansed with a special solution that prevents infection and encourages healing. You may have donor or recipient site covered in light gauze or left open to the air. You can wear a soft hat to cover your head discretely if you wish.

You’ll be asked to avoid a few things when you get home. Laying down flat or bending over can increase swelling and pressure on your scalp, so we advise against it. As well, for the first two weeks, you’ll need to skip the gym and other aerobic activity that raises your blood pressure. Reducing inflammation and preventing infection is key to a satisfying result. For this reason, stay out of swimming pools, hot tubs and baths until your scalp incisions are healed.

You’ll be assisted with your first hair wash to ensure that you use the gentle and safe technique which best preserves your grafts. That means no shower head pressure, extreme water temperatures or scrubbing. You’ll be advised to rinse your head twice per day with clean, cool water, but avoid pressure, rubbing or scratching for at least six days.

After the first week, hair transplant patients can cleanse their hair normally and return to most regular activities as their surgeon allows. The time required for new hair to grow in will be many months so stay in close contact with your surgeon and plan for patience. By roughly 8-9 months, you’ll see thick, full results that you can get excited about. After a full year, hair is completely grown in and yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

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