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Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE in New Jersey have revolutionized what’s possible for hair transplant results

So, you’ve begun to notice the tell-tale signs of male pattern baldness, but you haven’t considered a hair transplant surgery because they look fake and leave scars, right? Not anymore! You may come across this term while researching and wonder what FUE means. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, and through the technology has been around for many years, it’s recently been perfected and advanced to the point that it makes virtually scar less, effective hair transplantation possible for people of all ages

Natural Growth Formation

The natural growth formation of hair follicles in your scalp are called follicular units and may include between 1-3 hairs on average. In the past, these small clusters of hair were typically dissected out of a long strip of surgically excised scalp. After the surgeon carefully divided thousands of grafts from one piece of scalp, the follicular units would be grafted into the recipient sites- typically at the top and front of the head. FUE allows very small clusters, or even individual hair follicles, to be “punched” out of the scalp using a tiny hand punch tool. The hair follicle is taken with root and a small amount of surrounding tissue intact, but leaves only a micro-incision, 1mm or less in diameter.

No longer is a strip of scalp necessary with its long incision, stitches and scar. The small holes close naturally within days and blend into the surrounding scalp.

The strip method is called FUT and can still be the best option for some clients depending on their goals and the amount of hair they present with. In New Jersey, FUE has become the more popular choice for those who wish to fill in receding hairlines, small bald patches, hair loss from traction alopecia, facial hair patches and covering FUT scars. With so many applications, this versatile approach has made natural looking, virtually scar-free hair transplant more attainable than ever for today’s clients.

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Permanent Results

That’s right – no messy products to apply, hair pieces to care for, or side effects from medications to worry about.

One of the best things about FUE is that the results last a lifetime. Because genetic hair loss, otherwise known as androgenic alopecia, is progressive, it’s reasonable to expect you may need to fill in additional scalp areas at some point. The hairs which are transplanted using the FUE method are resistant to DHT and have a 91% take rate, however, which means once they take root and begin to grow, you get to keep that hair, enjoy it and style naturally for years to come.

Surgery is the only safe and permanent method to restore hair and FUE has become the most natural-looking way. Small hair grafts containing only 1-3 hairs, do not create a fake, ‘doll hair’ look at the recipient sites. A skilled hair transplant surgeon will place fine, single hair grafts at the hairline to mimic the density, shape and direction of natural hair growth. This creates the, “impossible to tell” natural hair transplant results that everyone wants.

To learn more about New Jersey FUE options, contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant today.

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