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Be Aware of Gimmicky Products

Variety Of Pseudo-medical Instruction And Gimmicky Products Available Can Be Overwhelming

As you may already know if you’ve been reading online advice about New Jersey hair transplants, the variety of pseudo-medical instruction and gimmicky products available can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, marketers prey on vulnerable and desperate people to sell all matter of quick and cheap fixes that do not in fact work. The only thing worse than wasting one’s hard earned money of baldness cures that don’t work, is taking supplements or medication that carry negative and disastrous side effects.

Myths and Superstition

For centuries myths and superstition about hair loss and restoration have existed. Many hair loss supplements that claim they can increase hair growth do have an element of logic and healthy focus except that problem of male pattern hair loss is related to hormones and genetics, not a nutrient deficiency. It’s relatively rare in North America today for someone to lose their hair because of malnutrition, in which case the baldness would be temporary and hair transplant inappropriate.

Hair systems are essentially well-made wigs for men and these are marketed as very realistic, high quality options to disguise baldness. The drawbacks of these hair pieces include their high cost, difficult maintenance and the impracticality of hair that can literally fall off one’s head depending on the activity they are engaged in. Going to the gym and many other daily activities can be fraught with anxiety when one is worried about the appearance of the impermanent hair piece they are wearing. Most men who seek a hair transplant in New Jersey are not only seeking the most natural-looking option they can find but they want a practical solution that only real, stylable, washable and permanent hair can provide.

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Hair Transplant – The Best Option

No other hair restoration option ensures effective, safe and permanent hair growth like a hair transplant.

Hair growth gained through topical medications is temporary, so any small amount of progress seen is lost when the medication is discontinued. As well, there can be serious health concerns associated with medication side effects and these include sexual dysfunction.

Modern hair transplant in New Jersey is done one of two ways; either with the FUT or FUE method. FUT is also referred to as strip method as a thin strip of scalp is excised to dissect into individual hair grafts. FUE uses an automated micro punch devise to meticulously extract one little plug at a time- leaving no stitches or obvious linear scar.

Advances in modern hair transplant technique has made it the preferable investment for hair restoration, beating out temporary and disappointing “cures” every time. We welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with our hair loss experts and find out what hair transplants can do for you. We will assess your hair loss, talk about your goals with you and customise a plan.

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