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Find Out Why Recovery is so Easy After New Jersey PRP For Hair Loss

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Delivering Noticeable Hair Growth and Density

Are you interested in hair restoration procedures, but concerned about downtime, discomfort and missing work? The recovery time required is always an important factor to consider when planning an elective procedure, but in New Jersey, PRP for hair loss requires no downtime and delivers incredible results. Read on to find out how this popular solution can deliver noticeable hair growth and density, without incisions, scars or any disruption to your life.

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

This innovative, healing treatment has actually been well-researched and utilized in the medical world for decades in the form of arthritis and in sports rehabilitation. It stands for platelet rich plasma and is derived from a patient’s own blood. A small amount of blood- roughly 30-60 ml- is drawn and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the components. Red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma all make up the blood, but the platelets in particular contain a wealth of powerful healing agents. These include PDGF- platelet-derived growth factor, TGF- transforming growth factor, IL-platelet factor interleukin and many more. These specialized growth factors are responsible for triggering blood vessels and new cells to grow while existing ones are repaired. This is your body’s natural means of healing itself. When your tissue is injured, platelet’s rush to the area to treat the injury. In the same way, injecting the serum at the base of hair follicles provides targeted cell regeneration, increased blood flow and triggers growth.

New Jersey PRP for hair loss is typically delivered in 3-4 sessions, 1-2 months apart. In the long term, results can be maintained with repeat sessions twice per year.

Who Is a Great Candidate for Hair Loss Prp in New Jersey?

If you’re undergoing a hair transplant procedure, adding this safe, effective treatment can help ensure you get the most out of your investment. As well, if you’re too young to consider a surgery at this time, or if you’re just not interested in one. The less invasive, plasma procedure is a great way to maintain hair thickness and fullness while increasing growth and density.

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New Jersey PRP Hair Loss Recovery

What Does Recovery Feel Like?

Non-surgical hair growth solutions do not require recovery time. Unlike hair transplants that involve small incisions and implantation of hair grafts, the concentrated growth solution is administered with fine needles and the scalp is numbed completely so no discomfort is felt by the patient. After the product is administered throughout the treatment area, the patient can leave immediately and return to their daily routine. They may be advised to avoid pressing on the area for roughly 12 hours as skin can feel sensitive, but there is virtually no risk of infection or other adverse effects. In fact, because it is derived completely from a person’s own blood, this autologous procedure causes no allergic reaction and is tolerated well by just about anyone.

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