New Jersey FUE Cost Factors

FUE Cost in New Jersey Depends on These 3 Factors

FUE Hair Transplants Costs in New Jersey

What Will Determine the Procedure Price?

So, you’re calculating costs in New Jersey for FUE hair transplants, but you see variabilities that have you questioning, ‘what will determine my procedure price?’ Because there are multiple factors which influence fees for this cosmetic treatment, and because each patient is unique, you may notice that there really are no set prices. We’ll let you know what the 3 main factors are for cost-calculation, so you can have a clearer picture of what’s realistic for your hair transplant cost.

The Most Important Factor in New Jersey FUE Cost Calculation

The first question you must answer whether you will choose the FUE or FUT method for hair transplant. Follicular unit extraction is virtually scar less and allows the patient to wear their hair however they please once healed—even buzzed short. This is because the method uses a specialized punch-tool to meticulously extract hair follicles and a micro-segment of surrounding tissue. Grafts are then transplanted to the recipient site. A small opening less than 1mm in diameter closes quickly and leaves no noticeable trace. Many people today choose follicular unit extraction as the more popular and superior option for hair renewal, but it does come with a higher cost. Due to the precision and labour-intensive nature, FUE procedures will often be priced between 40-50% higher than FUT. You may decide, along with many others, that the value added through natural-looking results is well worth it.

Hair Transplants – Procedure Location

The 2nd, important factor that will help determine your procedure price is your location. Though larger cities will typically be home to a higher number of cosmetic and hair transplant surgeons, the increased competition ensures that you have a variety of options for consultation and cost comparison. You can choose between low and very high-end practices in a large city like New York or New Jersey, however, extravagant pricing may account for fancy clinic décor and address, instead of surgical experience and skill. Be sure to compare more than one cost quote so you have a fair price offered by a skilled surgeon. If you need to travel to a location where more specialists are available, keep in mind that your hair restoration results will be with you for decades and seeking out the right practitioner for you is an important part of planning.

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FUE in New Jersey – Grafts Amount

Unique Hair Regeneration

The 3rd key factor to determine the cost of FUE in New Jersey is the number of grafts transferred. Each client is unique and so are their hair regeneration needs. You’ll be assessed when you first meet your hair loss specialist, to determine the type and stage of hair loss you have. Androgenic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness and this is usually a progressive condition, though progression rates vary.

Your surgeon will determine where your hair loss fits on the Norwood scale of thinning and baldness, then provide you an estimate for grafts required to fill in thin areas and restore the hair line. Depending on the area to cover and density desired, people will undergo anywhere from 500-5,000 grafts transferred. Each graft contains between 1-4 hairs on average. The price per graft will be given to you and a total cost calculated based on your personalized plan.

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