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Planning for Recovery to Ensure Your Comfort and Great Results

If you’re ready to take the plunge and schedule a hair transplant procedure, planning for recovery to ensure your comfort and great results, is key. In New Jersey, FUE is one of the most popular transplant methods with good reason. Unlike hair surgery of the past, the latest medical advancements have allowed surgeons to transfer significant numbers of follicles in the least invasive way possible. This means faster recovery and natural-looking results.

What is New Jersey FUE?

FUE is an abbreviation for follicular unit extraction. It has been gradually replacing the older FUT or strip method in recent years. This is because the primary drawbacks of traditional hair transplant techniques- scarring and recovery time- have both been dramatically reduced by way of the newer, punch extraction method.

Here’s How It Works

The patient’s scalp receives topical and local anesthetic to numb the area, ensuring no discomfort throughout the process. Then, the lower, rear scalp will be trimmed close to allow for a random, diffuse extraction pattern. The donor grafts are taken from there because the hairs are typically resistant to DHT and shedding. As well, the donor site is easiest to hide in that location. The strip method relies on a long piece of scalp being cut away from this same spot, thought the process leaves a long incision line and then subsequent scar.

Today, the hand-held device used to meticulously extract individual grafts leaves only a 1mm dot which heals with no noticeable trace. Patients can even wear hair quite short after they’ve healed, and no one can spot that they’ve had a procedure done. Follicular grafts are implanted one-by-one in the hairline or other thinning areas, taking extra care to match the natural angle, density and pattern of hair growth. The incisions used to insert grafts are micro slits- not visible to the naked eye once healed.

Though this new, advanced process takes longer to complete than strip harvesting of the past, the patient experiences faster recovery with no surgical wound to care for. No stitches mean no dressings or bleeding. Patients will be advised to avoid swimming and certain activities for a short time, but FUE recovery in New Jersey is less restrictive than FUT because of the large scalp incision it avoids.

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It’s Easier to Be Patient Knowing That You’ll See Growth at a Rate of 1cm per Month

Though technically classified as a surgery, punch extraction is considered only minimally invasive and usually painless. Patients may experience mild swelling for a few days and due to temporary redness at the graft sites, may wear a soft hat for roughly a week. Though very small scabs can form around follicles, these are no more than 1mm in length and disappear quickly. Though there are many physical activities that can be continued immediately after an FUE transplant, most people fee comfortable taking a week away from work to relax. No bedrest, medications or dressings are required. Keeping the area clean and avoiding too much contact with the hands will be your primary instructions. For most people, incisions close within a few days and swelling disappears completely in that time. Conversely, the long incision used for FUT procedures can lead to scalp numbness in the treatment area and problems with scarring such as keloids.

Initially, the hairs transferred in the follicle may fall out. Not to worry, these make way for new ones to grow and the progress can usually be seen within 3-4-months post procedure. In 9-12 months, a new, thicker, growing head of hair is in place.

The recovery from FUE doesn’t restrict one’s lifestyle much at all but the results are permanent and life-changing.

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