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If you think about hair transplant surgery results of the past, the images that come to mind may not be appealing or particularly encouraging. The process of using a punch tool to extract and transfer hair follicles was first utilized decades ago, however the obvious “hair plug” look became famously undesirable as a result. Hair grafts which were too large, containing too many follicles and placed in unnatural rows, did not yield realistic, natural looking hair. Fast forward to today’s latest innovations in hair transplant technology, such as FUE, and results can be virtually flawless. FUE in New Jersey is growing and it’s a game changer.

So, what is an FUE hair transplant?

FUE, or, follicular unit extraction, uses a special machine designed to assist the surgeon in the extraction and placement of hair grafts. A hand-held device may or may not also employ suction to assist with removing a tiny plug of hair and scalp. Instead of cutting with a scalpel to remove hair follicles for transplant, FUE uses a small punch tool to take grafts that can be less than 1mm in diameter. The grafts are then carefully placed in the recipient area using micro incisions.

The surgeon will insert grafts at a realistic and consistent angle, while paying attention to natural density in the area.

How long does FUE take?

The answer to this question is different for everyone because FUE is highly customisable. Typically, FUE will take between 6-8 hours for a significant number of grafts. This can be between 1500-4,000 grafts. The number of grafts to e transferred and your hair growth and density will affect the total time needed. Usually, one hair transplant session can achieve a significant amount of coverage and transformation. Hair loss does continue in non-transplanted hairs, however, and sometimes a follow up session after some years have passed will be recommended to help to fill and blend in hair.

What is the recovery like after FUE in New Jersey?

Each patient is provided with personalized instructions and a schedule for follow up appointments. You’ll be given a prescription for antibiotics and be advised to cover the scalp with a soft cap to protect you from the sun. We recommend you take between 10-14 days off work, so you can relax and recover without stress. It’s key to avoid all physical activity advised by your surgeon because this can negatively impact your results if you’re not careful. Minor scabbing will usually resolve by 5 days post procedure and then you’ll need to be patient while follicles take hold and a new cycle of hair growth begins in 3-4 months.

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New Jersey FUE Procedure

What does the New Jersey FUE procedure feel like?

One of the best things about this industry-leading technique is that it is considered to be very comfortable. FUE offers fast recovery and a virtually painless process because the precision device used for hair graft extraction is much less traumatic to the scalp tissue then past strip extraction methods. Previously, the industry standard involved removal of a long strip of scalp tissue with a scalpel. That section of hair and tissue was divided under a microscope and then the grafts placed in the recipient sites.

This technique prolongs the time that grafts are exposed to damage. As well, the incision takes a couple of weeks to fully heal and leaves an unavoidable linear scar. FUE utilizes tiny, micro punches so topical numbing agents and local anesthesia are sufficient to ensure you don’t feel anything and only mild sensitivity is expected afterwards. Patients typically watch TV, read or listen to music during the procedure.

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