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The Number of New Jersey FUE Patients Is Growing Each Day

With millions of happy hair transplant recipients around the world, stylists are seeing an increase in post-procedure clients, excited and nervous about their first haircut. It’s understandable that if you’ve invested considerable money and expectation in the treatment, celebrated first signs of growth and carefully nurtured hair as it grew in, you may be apprehensive about cutting it. Rest assured, trimming or shaving transplanted hair is no different than other hair. Once your surgeon has given you the all-clear, you’re safe to cut, style and completely enjoy your new locks. That freedom is part of what makes a New Jersey FUE hair transplant, so life changing! The following information can help make barbering less stressful after a transplant.

When Is the Right Time?

When you are healed and cleared to resume all activities, your surgeon will let you know. This may include sports and direct contact with the scalp. Most people can begin combing or cutting their hair after one month. You should see no signs of redness or swelling at that point, though the scalp may remain a little sensitive for some time.

Will My Barber Know I Had a Transplant?

Possibly – these are people who work very closely with hair and scalps. They also see many people with transplanted hair, so yours will not be unusual. Eventually, your new hair will grow thicker and longer, taking on the direction and pattern of surrounding hairs. However, at first, new hairs may stand unusually straight or at an odd angle, until they settle in. Your barber can help recommend styling and products to naturally direct and shape hair in the treatment area. Let your stylist know if your scalp feels sensitive, and they will be gentle with you.

If you feel anxious about someone combing or cutting your hair because you’re afraid of damaging it, you don’t need to be. Once healed, grafted follicles are one with your scalp, growing strong and able to be treated just like other hair. If you pull hard on any hair, it will fall out of course, but a reasonable amount of contact and combing will not damage your hair.

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How Should You Cut the New Hair?

In New Jersey, FUE procedures are popular because they enable patients to fill in hairlines and bald spots while leaving virtually no trace or surgery. Unlike FUT, or, strip surgery of the past, no long, telltale scar is left at the back of the scalp to give away a procedure. That means FUE patients have the option of wearing hair very short or even buzzed if they wish.

You can ask your barber what they recommend to maximize the volume and density you have while creating a style you can work with on a daily basis. If you’ve dealt with hiding bald patches or disguising thinning for some time, this will be a welcome change- have fun with it!

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