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Though male pattern baldness is known as a very common and even inevitable condition for the majority of men, that doesn’t make it easier to accept. Up to 70% of men report seeing significant hair thinning or balding by the time they are 50, and many men are as young as 20 when they first start investigating NYC FUE options.

Research has shown that many men do not seek professional help for their problem, even though they are unhappy about the change in their appearance that hair loss causes. The market is filled with baldness cure gimmicks and medications which promise to restore hair growth, but the vast majority of these are promising what they cannot deliver, and some have negative side effects.

Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition common to men and some women. Related to hormones, for men, hair loss typically begins above temples and at the crown. For women, androgenetic alopecia usually involves diffuse hair loss most noticeable at the top of the head.

There can be many reasons for a person to lose their hair and not all of them are permanent. Temporary hair loss known as telogen effluvium can occur a few months after a traumatic or severely stressful event. In most of those cases, the hair grows back. As well, use of some medications and certain medical conditions can also lead to temporary hair loss. It is a good idea to visit your primary care doctor if you notice sudden changes like hair loss and determine the underlying cause.

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It can be argued that women have a harder time emotionally when it comes to living with hair loss. Because it is more socially acceptable for men to experience balding and because of common hairstyles for men and women, Women with thinning hair may feel isolated in their issue and unable to find solutions.

Men report feeling that their baldness holds them back in their career and in personal lives too. Losing one’s hair can make a person appear older and though it is completely false, some people in society have the impression that bald men are less manly.

NYC FUE hair transplant

The good news is that today’s advances in hair restoration put the power back in your hands. NYC FUE hair transplant patients report impressive changes in their self esteem, confidence and happiness in life. When a person feels comfortable about their appearance, they reach higher and live life more fully each day.

Looking stylish and vibrant at any age shouldn’t only be possible for the very wealthy or famous. Today, hair transplant procedures are a safe, effective and natural-looking option to permanently restore hair. Women and men benefit form the precise hair grafting approach made possible by automated FUE in NYC. The success rate of transplanted hairs from just one session can be upwards of 90% and no longer should unsightly scars or unnatural-looking plugs be a concern.

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