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Have you heard that winter is hard on hair?

Hair transplant patients in New Jersey deal with dry, flaking scalps every time the weather gets cold too. Plenty of myths circulate about seasonal hair loss so we’ll offer some info to set the record straight. What do you need to know about your hair and scalp health during the coldest months of the year?

Myth: Cooler Temperatures Increase The Rate of Hair Loss

You may have heard over the years that your hair follicles go through growth cycles. That is true. However the period of ‘winter shedding’ isn’t a real thing. In fact, colder temps might trigger your scalp to hold on to hairs similar to the way animals develop a thicker coat for the cold. Some studies have suggested we lose the least amount of hair during this time, so if your hair feels thinner, there are other reasons why.One could be the lack of humidity, which means hair strands are thinner.

Fact: Hair Loss Is Seasonal, Sometimes

You’ll naturally shed between 50 to 100 hairs each day. New Jersey hair transplant patients have DHT resistant hairs taken from the back of the head to place where there is thinning. Because of their resilient nature, these hairs won’t fall out like the native hair from their crown. It will, however, eventually shed at the end of its growth cycle, just like all hair.

Seasonal shedding, typically in the fall, is known to affect women more than men. It usually represents closer to 100 hairs per day falling out, rather than 50. That’s not a volume that most people would typically be able to notice missing. If you see significant thinning or balding, talk to your doctor as this would be beyond the expected annual loss.

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Myth: Wearing A Winter Hat Can Make You Lose Hair

Hats have been blamed for male pattern balding for years and no matter the season, this is misguided. Keeping the head warm can ensure good circulation and keep you comfortable. It won’t affect your hormone levels and genetic predisposition to hair loss which is the primary indication for hair transplant. Our patients usually suffer from androgenic alopecia which is hereditary and progressive. Wearing a hat or exposing your head to the cold- neither will cause your hair to fall out.

Fact: Scalps Get Dry In The Winter

You may notice increased static and flaking scalp in the coldest season. The air is drier, and the lack of moisture affects your skin and hair. You can combat the discomfort and dryness with deep moisturizing treatments and keeping a humidifier on in your home. As well, try to avoid hot water in the shower as it strips natural oils and will leave you feeling tight and itchy.

If you notice sudden hair loss, no matter the season, you should talk with a hair specialist who can examine you, ask relevant questions and get to the bottom of your problem. If you’d like to learn more about hair transplants in New Jersey, please contact us at Nova Medical Hair Transplant today – we can help.

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