The demand for hair transplants in NJ isn’t diminishing. In fact, this popular cosmetic surgery is increasingly common for men and women, though the signs of a restoration aren’t always obvious to the casual observer. That’s because NJ hair transplant technology has improved, and outlooks for hair loss advancements suggest it will continue to. In 2019, hair restoration methods reached new levels and gave us a glimpse of what’s to come.

Losing hair is inevitable for millions of North Americans affected by androgenic alopecia ( male pattern hair loss.) The high prevalence of a physical issue so closely associated with self-esteem means incentive to innovate better treatments is compelling. For male and female hair loss, here are a few of the leading treatments showing promise this year.

NJ hair transplant technology in 2019

In recent decades, the method of hair transplantation most surgeons relied on changed from FUT ( strip harvesting) to FUE ( follicular unit excision.) This advancement in technology allowed for greater precision, less scalp trauma, faster recovery times and a nearly scarless result.

It’s the long scalp scar related to FUT that deters many people from considering hair transplants. Instead, FUE methods extract hair follicles in tiny, natural groupings then relocate them on the scalp. Each follicle unit contains just 2 or 3 hairs, so the small excision holes created through harvesting heal to be nearly invisible.

Greater advances in FUE devices with digital and robotic technology have automated much of the process and ensured uniform, precise follicle extraction. Smart systems also help the surgeon extract the healthiest DHT-resistant hair roots and limit damage during the procedure for better results.

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Can you transplant someone else’s hair?

Not quite. Each hair follicle is like a small organ, and your body would reject grafts from another individual. However, we see promise in stem cell research that aims to grow hairs from your own tissue.

One of the limitations of hair transplants is they rely on availability of the patient’s own hair. Essentially, when the supply disappears, there are no more hair restoration sessions possible. In the future, hair surgeons expect to be able to transplant body hair and even laboratory “grown” follicles instead. In some Asian countries, extensive funding is backing research into growing transplantable hair follicles from scratch. As soon as these methods are perfected, the entire hair transplant game could change dramatically.

Scalp micropigmentation

Until NJ hair transplants are available from endless supplies of hair, those whose pattern baldness has progressed severely often turn to SMP instead. Scalp micropigmentation is a form of hair tattooing that uses tiny, realistic hair follicle “marks” on the scalp to create the illusion of a buzzed or shaved head. The shaved head look can highlight a stylish hairline and gives the appearance that someone has chosen to shave their head for style and ease of maintenance, not due to baldness. A full hair tattoo will typically cost a few thousand dollars but lasts 5 years or more on average. With tattoo advances creating more realistic 3D effects and longer-lasting pigments, we expect this trend to continue capturing interest in the next few years.

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