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Hair Transplant in NJ Tips Your Need to Know

Considering a Hair Transplant Procedure

Thorough Consultation & Follow Up Care

Every man or woman considering a hair transplant procedure, naturally has questions. Ideally, before a hair transplant in NJ, your chosen surgeon will provide a thorough consultation and follow up care to help walk you through the experience. Many people today prefer to research and gather information for themselves online as well. We think it never hurts to be extra prepared when you plan to undergo a cosmetic enhancement procedure. The following are a few must-have tips to help get you ready and plan for your transformation.

Hair Transplant Tip #1

Plan to take time away from the gym. This is a frustrating part of recovery for many active people. It doesn’t always seem logical that your doctor will tell you to avoid running, lifting weights etc. after your procedure, for at least a week or two. After all, if nothing is touching your head, why does it matter?

There are a few important reasons why you must follow these instructions carefully. The first is that sweating builds up bacteria and debris on your scalp which can affect healing of the micro-incisions and even lead to infection. You’re not able to wash your scalp as usual for the first week, so getting sweaty would complicate things. As well, increasing your blood pressure and heart rate pumps more blood at a higher pressure into the scalp area. This can increase swelling, interfere with grafts and even push them out! Your surgeon will advise you to avoid saunas, cardio, sex, running and most other workouts for a minimum of 1 week.

Hair Transplant Tip #2

Don’t touch! This may seem straightforward, even obvious, but many people are naturally fascinated with their new graft sites post-procedure and they want to touch the hairs or attempt to remove scabs. You will need to be extremely conscious of this instinct and fight it. One reason is the bacteria you introduce to the surgical site with your fingers. The other is that the tiny grafts are extremely delicate and where they have been placed, very small blood vessels are connecting with the follicles to establish blood supply and help your graft, “take”. Even small amounts of pressure and disruption to these grafts can jeopardize your take rate. The small scabs that form will fall off on their own after 1 week. Cover your head with a soft cap if you need to and don’t touch.

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Hair Transplant Tip #3

Schedule time away from work. This suggestion isn’t well-received by everyone. Is it possible for a workaholic-type to return to work after a few days? Technically yes, but here’s why we think you should take a much-deserved break after your hair transplant in NJ: Stress affects how you heal. It affects mental health, work productivity, relationships, but also physical health and immunity. Big changes and big decisions require time to relax and process in a positive way.

Returning to the daily grind immediately can have some negative physical and mental consequences. As well, your scalp treatment areas will appear slightly scabby and may appear reddened for 3-5 days. You’ll want to cover the area with a soft hat at first. While avoiding your usual gym routine and making some necessary fashion choices, we think 10-14 days to get away and relax works very well for our hair transplant patients.

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