Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an effective and permanent solution for hair loss, but the results are not immediate. Sometimes people view before and after photos of NJ hair transplants and get excited to have the same impressive results. They learn later that while their outcome can be just as good, a whole lot of patience will be required. We’ll share with you what timeline is most common after hair restoration surgery.

What exactly does a hair transplant in NJ involve?

FUE is a technique used for hair grafting that doesn’t leave visible scars. Instead of removing a strip of scalp the way previous methods did, a computer or robot-assisted device allows the surgeon to extract individual follicle grafts straight from the donor area, one by one.

A full session usually takes between 6-8 hours and can transfer up to roughly 3000 grafts. Recovery time for FUE is shorter than the strip method because it requires no long incision or stitches. The implant sites will be the same, however. Tiny slits are made in the scalp to receive implant grafts, and these take an average of 5-10 days to heal.

When do results appear after FUE?

Immediately after your hair transplant, you’ll see the parameters for your new hairline, but unfortunately, a series of pink dots and scabs will be the result for the first week or so. You’ll experience mild scalp swelling for roughly 1 week. The tiny hairs that were transferred along with grafts often fall out a few weeks later, and this can cause alarm, but it’s perfectly normal. The hairs, and not the follicles themselves, are what you’ll shed to make way for healthy new hair growth. These will take roughly 3-4 months to appear.

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Try PRP for faster results

There’s not much you can do to speed the process up because natural hair cycles and cell growth take time. Some patients find PRP scalp injections to be beneficial for both healing and hair growth. The platelet-rich plasma extracted from your own blood delivers concentrated platelets to the treatment site. These accelerate angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) and boost hair stem cell growth, all while decreasing inflammation, naturally.

The first hair you see will be thin, wispy and sparse. Over the next 4-5 months, it will thicken and take on a more manageable quality and appearance. By roughly 9 months after NJ hair transplants, significant hair growth and fullness is appreciated.

By 1 year, the result is considered to be complete. Keep in mind that hair often continues to thicken, grow and take on more natural characteristics even after 12 months. You’ll be able to wash, brush, cut and style your hair regularly as soon as it grows in.

If you have more questions about hair transplant procedures, we’re happy to answer. Contact the experts at Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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