You may have heard that women suffer from “pattern baldness” too. However, it’s also apparent that females have a different pattern, progression and frequency of balding than men do. Hair transplants in NJ are often appropriate for women, but there are some essential questions to ask and expert analyses needed before planning a surgical intervention.

Perhaps because society doesn’t discuss female hair loss openly or because women are very good at hiding it, the average person may not understand this condition as well as the male version. If you’re a woman and you’re thinning, you’ll want to get to the bottom of the problem and learn what solutions you have. The good news is, there are several. Here we’ll help you understand what causes female hair thinning so you can take charge of yours.

Is It Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Whether male or female, the genetic, hereditary form of balding called androgenic alopecia follows a typical pattern, yet women have their own. Unlike the receding hairline, bald spot on top and a horseshoe-shaped band of remaining strands, women see diffuse thinning all over. It’s less common for a woman to see hair recede at the frontal hairline, temporal peaks and occipital spot. In fact, it’s infrequent for women to develop bald spots at all due to androgenic alopecia. Instead, while hairlines remain intact, the hair will thin, and scalp becomes more visible all over. More significant shedding often occurs at the crown which can make the midline hair part appear wider.

The following types help NJ hair transplant surgeons to classify female hair loss:

  • Type 1: Thinning isn’t noticeable to others and can’t be easily camouflaged with styling changes.
  • Type 2: Hair loss causes decreased overall volume and a slightly more visible scalp. The part may widen.
  • Type 3: Overall thinning makes styling difficult, and scalp appears easily visible through strands at the top of the head.

Is NJ Hair Transplant Surgery The Best Option For Women?

Because the typical approach to hair restoration surgery utilizes hairs from the DHT resistant areas and moves them up top, this technique is more challenging to apply for women. Men will tend to lose all their hair from one area and keep most of the hairs in another. The back and sides will contain dense follicles so that removing even a couple thousand of them, won’t show a visible depletion.

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Hair transplantation doesn’t technically add volume to your head. It merely redistributes what you have. For women who have diffused shedding all over, finding reliable donor hair areas can be tricky. The process of strategic relocation of follicles is very meticulous and time-consuming. It can be done, but there are other good options too.

Minoxidil is a medication often used to treat female hair thinning. It helps to prevent further hair fallout but won’t reverse the process.

PRP ( platelet rich plasma) is a natural injectable treatment derived from the potent cell-stimulating platelets in your blood. By concentrating blood growth factors and injecting the solution at hair roots, many women can visibly thicken, strengthen and regrow their hair.

The best way to get started evaluating your options and making a decision is to meet with expert hair specialists in person.

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