With plenty of hair loss causes, there are also numerous misconceptions about how we lose it. Those seeking more information about hair transplants in NJ will often find myths and old wive’s tales on less reputable online platforms. One of the common myths circulating is that dandruff is a cause, or link to hair loss.

This common dermatological condition affects men and women. If you’re vigilant about scalp health and concerned about losing hair, it’s understandable that you could worry unnecessarily about dandruff too. We’d like to clear up the misconception and explain what you need to know about hair loss and dandruff.

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff and dry scalp skin can present in similar ways. As prevalent as dandruff is, even more, common is dry scalp that leads to mild flaking. Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition resulting in red, greasy skin with flaking white or yellow patches. It often usually manifests on the scalp but can appear in other areas rich with oil glands as well. Those with overactive oil glands and prone to oily skin are more likely to suffer from this condition.

Malassezia is also a fungus known for excess skin cell proliferation. The cells are created abundantly, then die and flake off. Dermatitis is another common issue which presents like dandruff. Often due to irritating hair care products, inflammation of the scalp can lead to redness and skin cell shedding.

All of these are conditions of the skin and not related to your hair strands or the follicles under the skin’s surface.

One Connection To Consider

People seek hair transplants in NJ for more than just androgenic alopecia. Traction alopecia or hair loss due to medications are common reasons to choose restoration as well. Traction alopecia results from regular friction and irritation at the hair roots which damages follicles and can eventually lead to baldness.

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If a dandruff sufferer is regularly scratching and rubbing at their hair, they could cause shedding related to friction and irritation.

Treating dandruff issues is recommended for a healthy scalp and shiny, lustrous hair. However, just like brushing, shampooing or wearing a hat cannot be blamed for progressive hair loss, so the common scalp conditions that lead to flaking are usually unrelated too.

Hairs which fall out due to androgenic alopecia are programmed to do so. They are sensitive to the hormone DHT, and for men, hairs at the front and top of the head are usually vulnerable. No amount of hat wearing, dermatological conditions or avoidance of them will change the progression of hereditary hair loss.

A hair transplant in NJ can be an effective and permanent solution for those with thinning hair. When you schedule your in-person consultation, your hair transplant surgeon can assess your scalp and help determine the best solutions for you to get your hair and your confidence back.

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