Are you ready for your hair transplant in NYC?

Optimal preparation goes a long way toward beautiful, long-lasting results. If you’ve taken the first step and scheduled a personal consultation to learn about your procedure options, congratulations! You’re well on your way to improving your appearance and your confidence.

A hair restoration procedure can be life-changing, but your overall satisfaction with the process and the outcome relies somewhat on how well you understand what to expect.
Here is a list to put your mind at ease and lay out a general schedule for getting ready before the treatment day.

NYC hair transplant pre-instructions

Up to one month before the big day

You’ll need to ensure some practical and comfort measures are in place. That means booking a hotel room near your clinic if you’ll be travelling, and arranging transportation, so you won’t worry about driving.

Arranging for time off work and extra help at home is very beneficial. Although you can still do some light tasks such as typing at a desk, undergoing a hair transplant can be surprisingly taxing, and many people prefer at least a few days to unplug from work demands, hide out and relax. You’ll appreciate having someone else prepare meals or take care of children and pets while you focus on recovery.

Two weeks before your restoration procedure

You’ll need to stop taking any medications or supplements that could lead to bleeding by this point. Talk to your surgeon directly about each medication or vitamin in question so that they can advise you directly.

While some herbs like St. John’s Wort or Ginseng must stop, they could advise you to begin increasing vitamin C or protein to aid with healing. Additionally, homeopathic Arnica pellets are sometimes recommended to help prevent unnecessary bruising and reduce inflammation after.

Your surgeon will also advise that you stop smoking and 2 weeks is an ideal time.

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One week before

This could be an excellent time to get a short, close haircut. During the FUE process, a patch of hair at the back of the head will likely be buzzed short. In order to blend the donor area easily with the rest of your hair as it grows out, cutting the whole area short can help. It’s up to you.

The day of your procedure

You’ll be advised to wash hair normally beforehand but avoid topical products and styling treatments.

Bring comfy clothes and music or audiobooks you prefer to listen to with headphones. Most hair transplants in NYC are performed with local freezing or IV sedation, not a general anesthetic. However, your unique situation will be discussed between you and your surgeon, so you can plan accordingly. IV sedation and GA can leave people feeling groggy.

Arrange a ride home

Regardless of awake or sedated procedure, it’s an excellent idea to have a friend or family member at hand to drive you home and offer moral support.

If you have more questions, we’ll be happy to help. Contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today

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