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Hair Transplants in NJ

Seeking a Hair Loss and Restoration Expert

Hair transplants in NJ are more popular than ever and the technology available to provide incredible, natural results has come leaps and bounds in recent years. It’s no wonder that many prospective patients seek information about their restoration options online and review the many hair transplant websites or informational blogs to learn more. But when you’re ready to see an expert in person and plan your procedure, where should you start? We’ve provided some helpful tips about seeking a hair loss and restoration expert, scheduling a consultation and planning your next steps forward.

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One of the first steps on your journey will be to determine which type of hair loss you have and get some help determining what stage of hair loss best describes your situation. The Norwood scale is often used to plan treatment based on an individual’s current and future situation. Ranging from 1-7, this scale and others like it will allow your surgeon to classify your progression through androgenic alopecia, (hereditary hair loss) or determine whether you have hair shedding related to some other cause. Understanding the current stage helps to predict future hair loss and plan treatments accordingly. An expert NJ hair transplant surgeon will plan hair grafts with a future hairline in mind, understanding the changes that will continue to occur on your scalp.

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We recommend that you contact reputable clinics and ask whether they offer a no-obligation, comprehensive consultation with the surgeon. Some clinics charge a consultation fee while others will credit that fee toward your procedure. Whether there is a cost for consultation or not, you should be confident that you will meet with the treating physician, you’ll receive a thorough, in-person hair analysis and you’ll hear about a variety of options possible for you. Plan to ask questions about the procedure, recovery and realistic expectations for your results.

We recommend that you connect with a clinic local to you. You can travel anywhere for a hair transplant these days.

You’ll see plenty of enticing offers to have surgery in Turkey or India at a supposed fraction of the cost you’ll pay for hair transplant in NJ. The issue with that is, like any cosmetic procedure, recovery and follow up care is just as important as the treatment itself. While your new grafts are healing and settling in, you’ll need follow up visits with your surgeon to track your progress and address any concerns or issues as they arise. Your surgeon should never be more than a phone call or quick drive away if you need them.

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Key Treatment Types for Hair Loss

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We also recommend that you start with increasing your knowledge about a few key treatment types for hair loss. PRP- which stands for platelet rich plasma- is a powerful and increasingly popular non-surgical option to boost hair growth. This method of scalp treatment can be used alongside or instead of a hair transplant, depending on the needs of the client.

As well, FUE versus FUT is important to clarify, since some clinics only offer the older, traditional strip hair transplant method. The right choice for you will depend on your needs and you’ll want to select a clinic that offers what you need instead of just what they want.

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