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When someone begins to research a hair transplant, they may feel a mix of excitement and anxiety about the preparation for their procedure.

It can be confusing to determine if you’re a good candidate and if your expectations are realistic. There are a few important questions to consider and information you should know to be well-informed and relaxed before a New Jersey hair transplant.

First, understand the cause of your hair loss. Many men, and even some women will seek out a hair transplant because of hereditary, pattern hair loss. This is the genetically influenced condition known in the medical world as androgenic alopecia. When hair loss is progressive and follows a pattern, and when it runs in your family, you can be fairly confident that what you have is androgenic alopecia. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this common problem, though it does progress differently for each person. Stress, malnutrition, anemia, medications and hypothyroidism are also causes for temporary hair loss and you will need to speak with your doctor about your health situation to determine why you have hair loss.

Second, be realistic about what a New Jersey hair transplant can achieve. Androgenic alopecia is progressive and whether fast or slow, chances are you will see it advance over time, even after a hair transplant. The surgery is typically permanent, and you do get to keep the new hair you’ve invested in, but depending on your situation, it may be realistic to expect an additional, maintenance procedure in time. You may also need to consider adjunctive hair loss medications such as Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride).

Third, understand that a hair transplant is not instant. You will have a complete session, perhaps transferring many thousands of grafts at one time, but you will then need to rely on your patience for a few months before you see exciting new hair growth. In fact, at first, a normal phenomenon called shock loss will likely result in many of the transplanted hairs falling out. This is not cause for alarm because the healthy follicles that were grafted in are thriving, alive and growing new hairs beneath the scalp’s surface. It will take about a year to see your new head of hair fully manifested, but New Jersey Hair transplant results are well worth the wait.

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Transplant Scars

Expect that there will be some scarring, although this can and should be almost undetectable, depending on your procedure and the surgeon you choose.

In New Jersey, hair transplants using the FUE method are extremely popular because they avoid the use of a long, linear scar at the back of the head to extract grafts. For those who qualify for this advanced method, their transplant scars are essentially tiny, 1mm or less wide spots at the back of the scalp. They should be dispersed in denser areas of hair in a randomized manner and when completely healed they are hard to detect, making this method almost scar less. The FUT method is still the best approach for some.

Although there is a long, thin scar created at the back of the head, this can be well hidden under many hairstyles, and at the hairline, the same natural, scar less look is achieved.

We welcome you to contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant to have your questions answered and plan your hair loss treatment today.

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The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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