How Much Does NYC FUE Cost?

Hair Transplant Innovations

In New York, many men and women are excited about the hair transplant industry’s latest innovations.

FUE, (Follicular Unit Extraction) offers more natural looking results and faster recovery than hair transplants of the past. However, the cost of NYC FUE treatments still reflect the reality that this is a cosmetic surgical procedure, and permanent results come with a higher price tag. It can be confusing to figure out what your hair transplant procedure fees will be, and whether the treatment is a worthwhile investment for you. Here, we’ll break down the cost of NYC FUE so you can plan your own hair transplant transformation.

In most cases, people can expect their individual hair transplant price to be personalized, because each person’s hair loss and transplant needs are unique. The pattern of hair fallout, the density of remaining hair and the goals you have for your procedure will determine whether you choose to have 500, or even 3,000 grafts transplanted.

Per Graft Fees

The majority of surgeons will price their procedures based on per graft fees. The number of grafts transplanted and charged for will depend on a few different factors. One, is the size of the recipient area on the scalp. FUE hair transplant technology can work wonders for subtle areas like patchy facial hair, covering scars or filling in receding hairlines. These smaller fixes require fewer grafts to make a big impact. The texture of a person’s hair is also a cost consideration because fine, pale hair typically requires more grafts to fill in an area.

Luckily, many surgeons decrease the cost per graft when the amount reaches certain increments, such as, per 1,000 grafts. This can make transplanting a high number of grafts more economical for those patients who need it, though their overall costs will still be higher than those who transfer fewer hair follicles.

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FUE is time consuming and meticulous, requiring long hours of focus and delicate graft handling by your surgeon.

Each, individual follicular unit is removed one by one with a punch tool, then carefully implanted to recipient sites. Because of the tedious nature, NYC FUE costs are usually higher than FUT or, strip method hair transplants.

The most sophisticated the technology and practice, the higher overhead costs will be and those fees are passed on to the patient. As well, expect to pay a bit more for hair transplant surgery with a renowned practitioner who has a wealth of experience and a great reputation. Prices vary between locations and it can be well-worth it to visit a number of different clinics when deciding what hair restoration procedure is best for you.

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we recommend that you schedule a complimentary consultation and visit with your hair transplant surgeon in person. The best way to determine what you should expect your procedure cost to be is to find out what you need and learn what’s possible through the procedure.

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