How Soon After My Hair Transplant in NJ Can I Exercise Again?

The most important restrictions to help you heal after hair transplant

Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair transplant in NJ is so common today; it may seem like a minor procedure. While the techniques used for FUE ( Follicular unit extraction) are now far less invasive and make only micro-incisions, this is still a surgery. Any time that your body’s tissues are cut or transplanted, the risk for infection or bleeding is one to consider and take steps to avoid.

With an excellent surgeon and care at home, there are no reasons why your recovery shouldn’t be seamless and safe. We’re going to talk about one of the most important restrictions designed to help you heal well after hair transplant: exercise avoidance.

Do You Really Need To Avoid Exercising After A Hair Transplant In NJ?

It may seem like a pretty unfair rule for the average, active patient. Many of our clients visit the gym multiple times per week and avoiding cardio or working up a sweat, seems strange. When you understand the reasons for it, you’ll follow the rules gladly. After all, you’ve got just 1-2 weeks to heal beautifully from a hair restoration surgery that will benefit you for decades.

How Does The Procedure Work?

Hair grafts consist of follicles- 1-4 hairs- and a small sample of the surrounding scalp tissue. The unit contains everything it needs to thrive in its new home, as long as the graft is managed carefully and transferred quickly by an experienced expert. Inserted through tiny slits in the scalp, the new grafts begin to heal and establish their blood supply right away. While you experience some temporary swelling in the scalp due to inflammation, your grafts are settling in and rooting themselves in place. This is why we advise patients to rinse the scalp gently and not scrub at the implant sites for at least six days.

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What Happens When You Exercise?

When you get your heart rate up as you jog, work out at the gym, or even during sex, blood pressure elevates, and you’ll feel that extra pressure is pumping through your extremities and your scalp. Bending over is a no-no post-op, and so is increasing pressure to the scalp with elevated BP.

During the first two weeks at home, we recommend that any strenuous activity you usually do for work be put on hold and that you be conscious of activity around the house such as cleaning and lifting heavy objects. Any of these actions can send increased blood pumping to your head and scalp. This is a great time to ask for a favour or hire help so you can take it easy and recuperate in peace.

If you workout before your surgeon clears you, you could experience bleeding, or even push out some grafts. The short-term patience required to see excellent long term results you’ve invested in will be well worth it.

You’ll likely be allowed to return to working out sometime between 10-14 days after your NJ hair transplant.

If you have questions about your procedure, we’re happy to meet with you and ease your concerns, or help you plan your own life-changing treatments. Call the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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