Regrow Your Hair With PRP for Hair Loss in New Jersey

The Solution You’ve Been Seeking for Hair Loss

What Exactly Is PRP for Hair Loss?

Platelet-rich plasma has been achieving impressive results in sports medicine and surgical recovery for decades, but hasn’t been in the public eye much until the mid-2000s.

If we told you that something naturally occurring in your own body could be the solution you’ve been seeking for hair loss, would you believe it? In New Jersey, PRP for hair loss has suddenly taken the industry by storm as specialists recognize it can do far more than heal injuries and rejuvenate the complexion. Research has found that when applied to the follicle roots, this amazing serum restores hair growth. The best part about it—PRP is entirely natural. Read on to learn how you can regrow your hair the safe, smart way. Human blood contains numerous components, and when spun in a hand-held centrifuge, it separates into these basic ingredients: serum, plasma red and white cells. A minimal amount of blood is required to create a potent solution for injection- only 20-40 ml. That means patients can have a quick blood draw in office, and proceed with their treatment right away. Platelets are healers in your blood- rushing to the scene of an injury to stop bleeding and trigger the repair process. They contain over 20 different growth factors and cytokines that kick-start the cell repair and regeneration process as part of your natural immune response. when isolated in a platelet-rich serum, the concentration if platelets are roughly 5xs that of healthy blood. That means you can accelerate healing, but it turns out you can also trigger rapid healing and new hair growth in the scalp.

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How Does New Jersey PRP Help With Hair Loss?

Though it’s only been demonstrated as effective in scalp areas where healthy follicles exist, those which have shifted into the dormant or inactive phase of hair growth can be stimulated to become active again. The anagen stage of the hair cycle produces thicker, longer hairs, but as we age or succumb to pattern baldness, the anagen phase shrinks, and resting periods lengthen.That means that hair which has thinned, become finer and more fragile can get a total makeover with a targeted treatment. Studies are still being conducted in an attempt to calculate reliable and measurable results. Though the system for administration and a person’s platelet quality can vary, results are promising- showing a 20-40% increase in hair growth, thickness and density.

This Treatment Is Both Safe And Easy

One of the reasons PRP for hair loss in New Jersey is becoming so popular is that it is minimally invasive, totally non-surgical and carries no downtime. Patients simply undergo a series of quick, superficial scalp injections during a 30-60-minute appointment and walk out of the clinic to resume their daily activities. Mild sensitivity on the scalp is possible for a few hours following the procedure, but no redness, swelling, stitches or bandages are required. Also, the risk for disease transmission and allergic reaction are virtually eliminatedbecause this is an autologous treatment—meaning the PRP is taken from your own body and well-received by it.

Who Should Undergo This Procedure?

Those who are healthy, have no immune or bleeding disorder and wish to increase their hair growth or density are welcome to contact us about this revolutionary restoration procedure. We recommend a series of 3 treatments spread a month apart, followed by one or two maintenance appointments per year. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we’re excited by the possibilities PRP presents, and we think you will be too.

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